C program to eliminate/remove first character of each word from a string

In this program, we will learn how to eliminate/remove first character of each word in a string? Here, we will read a string and eliminate its first character of each word, then print new string (after elimination of first character of each words).

Logic to implement

  1. Eliminate first character of the string (first character of first word) by shifting other character to the left.
  2. Eliminate the first character of other word (by checking whether there is an index has space and index+1 (next to index where space found) non space and shift other characters to the left.
  3. Run this process until NULL not found in the parent loop.

Program to eliminate first character of each word of a string in C

#include <stdio.h>
#define MAX 100

int main()
	char text[MAX]={0};
	int loop,j;
	printf("Please input string: ");
	scanf("%[^\n]s",text); //read string with spaces
	printf("Input string is...\n");
	for(loop=0; text[loop]!='\0'; loop++)
		if(loop==0 || (text[loop]==' ' && text[loop+1]!=' '))
			//shift next characters to the left
			for(j=((loop==0)?loop:loop+1); text[j]!='\0'; j++)
	printf("Value of \'text\' after eliminating first character of each word...\n");
	return 0;


Please input string: Hello friends, how are you?
Input string is...
Hello friends, how are you?
Value of 'text' after eliminating first character of each word...
ello riends, ow re ou?

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