C Common Errors Programs

This section contains C Common Errors Programs and their solutions. Here, we will learn by examples how and when an error occurs and how to fix it?

List of C Common Errors Programs

  1. Error: undefined reference to 'main' in C
  2. Error: Expected ';' before 'return' in C
  3. Error: expected ')' before ';' token in C
  4. Error: missing terminating double quote character in C
  5. Error: 'Hello'/Text undeclared while printing Hello world using printf()
  6. Error: expected declaration specifies before printf in C
  7. Error: expected declaration or statement at end of input in C
  8. Fatal Error: stio.h: No such file or directory in C
  9. Error: Invalid escape sequence in C
  10. Error: Unterminated comment (Invalid comment block) in C
  11. Error: Assign string to the char variable in C
  12. Error: Assignment of read-only variable in C
  13. Error: 'else' without a previous 'if' in C
  14. Error: case label does not reduce to an integer constant in C
  15. Error: duplicate case value in C
  16. Error: Executing more than one case block in C
  17. Error: switch quantity not an integer in C
  18. Error: case label not within a switch statement in C
  19. Error: Expected '}' before 'else' in C
  20. Error: expected '=', ',', ',' 'asm' or ' _attribute_' before '<' token in C
  21. Error: Id returned 1 exit status (undefined reference to 'main')
  22. Error: Assignment of read-only location in C

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