C program to print ASCII value of a character

In this C program, we are going to learn how to get and print the ASCII value of a given character? This is simple C program, where we will print the ASCII code of a character.
Submitted by Manju Tomar, on November 07, 2017

Given a character and we have to find its ASCII value using C program.

What is ASCII value?

An ASCII value is a code (numeric value) of keys. We put the any character, symbol etc, than the computer can’t understand. A computer can understand only code and that code against each key is known as ASCII Code.

Read more: What is ASCII, list of ASCII codes.

In this program, we are reading two integer numbers in variable a and b and assigning the subtraction of a and b in the variable sub.

Example 1:

Enter character: a
ASCII is: 97

Example 2:

Enter character: A
ASCII is: 65

Program to get ASCII of a character in C

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
	char ch;

	//input character
	printf("Enter the character: ");

	printf("ASCII is = %d\n", ch);
	return 0;


First run:
Enter the character: a
ASCII is = 97

Second run:
Enter the character: A 
ASCII is = 65

Here, we just read a character and print it’s using %d format specifier, which is used to print an integer value. When we print the character value using %d the ASCII code prints on the screen.

Since, this is a very simple program for beginners, still you liked the program and its explanation, please share your comments.

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