Top 7 Common Causes of Disk Failure with Solutions

Top 7 reasons of hard disk failure: In this tutorial, we will learn about the common causes of disk failure and their solution. By IncludeHelp Last updated : May 08, 2023

Disk Failure: Causes and Solutions

So many users may have experienced an error message called "Disk Boot Failure" on their computer screen when their machine starts. Many have raised difficulties that because of this issue, they experience severe data loss. The common causes and their possible solutions are described below.

  1. Device crashes and hangups have multiple causes. These are among the most prevalent:
  2. Hardware failures: failing controllers of the drive, CPU boards, memory boards, power supplies, crashes of the disc head, etc.
  3. Unrecoverable hardware errors, such as double-bit memory errors. These kinds of issues can mean hardware that is about to fail, but from time to time, they also just happen.
  4. Power failures or spikes due to issues with the internal power supply, external power outages, electric storms, and other causes.
    Other environmental issues: roof leaks, failure of air conditioning, etc.
  5. I/O issues that involve a fatal state of error rather than a malfunction of the system.
  6. Software concerns are ranging from fatal kernel errors caused by operating system bugs to issues caused by users or third-party applications (much less frequently).

List of Causes of Disk Failure with Solutions

Some of these triggers are simpler than others to classify. When the system crashes, rebooting the system may seem like the most pressing concern, but it is just as important to collect the available details about why the system crashed while the data is still available. In line with this, the following list is describing the most common booting issues and their possible solutions.

S. No. Cause Problem Solution
1 Incorrect BIOS Boot Sequence BIOS is a program that when a machine is started, works to locate a bootable hard disc based on its boot device order. Therefore if the BIOS boot sequence is wrong, the bootable drive won't be able to locate it of course. We should change the BIOS boot order in this situation. Open the BIOS when restarting our PC, and then move to the Boot tab. Next the order is modified to ensure that the first boot option is the internal hard drive. Finally, save our settings and reboot our PC.
2 Viruses for Boot Sector As normal, only the files on the hard drive can be damaged by most viruses. But in fact, the boot sector of the drive has some viruses that can cause harm. The hard drive would of course, refuse to boot if the boot sector gets corrupted. We need to better take precautions on a daily basis, such as downloading and periodically updating a stable antivirus software.
3 Hard Disk or Partition Damaged If the hard disc or partition is damaged, an error called "disc boot failure" can also occur. As we all know, all data on it will definitely be compromised if a hard drive gets corrupted, no matter the corrupt word document or the corrupted PST file. Therefore, windows would probably not be able to boot from the drive. In this case, it is easier to replace the drive and reinstall the Windows operating system right now.
4 Improper New Hard Drive Settings Maybe we've just built a new hard drive into our computer. But when we try to boot Windows, it always shows "disc boot failure." In this scenario, the new hard drive is likely to be poorly configured. We need to insert the system installation CD and restart our machine when we have just installed a new hard drive, so that it can reset with the CD. We should set up the hard drive after it boots up successfully.
5 Hard Drive Not Properly Connected If our hard drive is not properly plugged in, apart from misconfiguration, it will not be able to successfully link to our device, which will also cause a "disc boot failure" error. We should turn our PC off and then check the hard drive and motherboard link. We can try to run our Windows again after checking that everyone is right.
6 Conflicts with Device Configurations with Apps We can even receive such an error after downloading some third party programme and restarting the PC next time. There are great chances of the programme interfering with the device in such a situation. In such cases, using a device recovery disc or simply reinstalling the operating system is the only way. We can however, come across data loss in this process.
7 Windows System Failure In addition due to Windows device errors, such as system file corruption and so on, "disc boot failure" can also be triggered. We must reinstall the Windows operating system on our computer.

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