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Difference Between CPU and GPU

CPU Vs. GPU: In this tutorial, we will learn about the CPU (Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and the difference between them. By Monika Jha Last updated : May 08, 2023

The central processor unit (CPU) and GPU (graphics processing unit) are distinct devices however each work for various functions and are also essential devices of the embedded and electronic systems. The code developed for any of the devices isn't compatible with the opposite, and either of the devices can't be replaced by the opposite. The GPU is employed to render pictures in laptop or PC's games however the CPU could be a chip is employed for executing the directions like arithmetic, logic, management, and input-output given by a program.

What is CPU (Central Processing Unit)?

Within a pc, a central process unit (CPU) is that the electronic equipment inside that carries out the instructions of a computer program by acting the fundamental arithmetic, logic, dominant, and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions. It is additionally known as the central processing unit or main processor and usually acts as the brain for each embedded system.

CPU comprises the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) used to temporarily store the data and information and perform calculations, Control Unit (CU) is used for performing instruction sequencing as well as branching. CPU also interacts with more units such as memory, input, and output for performing instruction execution that's why an interface is also a crucial part of the CPU.

It provides an address, data, and control signal while receives instructions, data, and status signals and interrupt which is processed with the help of the system bus. A system bus is a group of various busses such as an address, control, and data bus. More hardware units are assigns to fast cache while low to computation, unlike GPU.

What is GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)?

GPU contains a lot of ALU units than the central processor and is employed to produce the photographs in computer games. GPUs are appropriate for repetitive and highly-parallel computing tasks because it contains a lot of ALU units than the central processor and also the distinct GPU unit contains its RAM referred to as VRAM for video RAM.

Beyond video rendering, GPUs are sensible for bit coin mining or any operational systems that need computation of huge knowledge sets with straightforward mathematical operations and for sharing RAM it's incorporated with electronic equipment that is good for the foremost computing task.

Difference Between CPU and GPU

The following are the key differences between CPU and GPU:

1 CPU stands for Central Processing Unit GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit
2 CPU focuses on Low-latency GPU focuses on high throughputs
3 CPU consists Control logic for out-of-order and speculative executions GPU's architecture is tolerant of memory latency
4 Here, Memory consumption is low Here, Memory consumption is high
5 Speed of CPU is effective Speed of GPU can be higher than the CPU's because of its immense parallel processing
6 CPU contains fewer powerful cores GPU is constructed through a lot of weaker cores


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