Differences Between Hard Computing and Soft Computing

Hard Computing Vs. Soft Computing: In this tutorial, we will learn about the hard computing, soft computing, and key differences between them. By Monika Jha Last updated : May 07, 2023

The process of accomplishing a particular task with the help of a computer or a computing device is known as computing. It should provide precise and accurate solutions, also it makes easy to find the mathematical solution of the problems.

What is Hard Computing?

Before soft computing, there is a traditional approach used in computing which needs an accurately stated analytical model proposed by Dr. Lotfi Zadeh.

  • It does not work on the mathematical model of problem-solving. Hard computing is suitable for mathematical problems, although it might be used to solve real-world problems, it consumes a large amount of computation time and cost. So, in this case, soft computing is a better alternative as compared to hard computing.
  • Applications of hard computing are mobile robot coordination and forecasting combinational problems.
  • If we want to solve the deterministic problems, we can use a hard computing approach. As the problem grows in size and complexity, the design search space also increases.

What is Soft Computing?

Soft computing deals with approximate models and gives solutions to complex real-world problems. Soft computing is an approach that gives an impression on the human mind to reason and learns in an environment of uncertainty and impression.

  • Soft computing deals with imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth and approximation to achieve close resemblance with human decisions.
  • The cost of the solution also very low in this kind of computing, it forms the basis of a considerable amount of machine learning techniques.
  • It is used in handwriting recognition and data compression and image processing.

Components of soft computing are as follows:

Machine learning, neural network, fuzzy logic, perception, genetic algorithms, etc.

Difference between hard computing and soft computing

The following are the key difference between hard and soft computing:

  • Hard computing is very accurate and certain whereas the soft computing model is imprecision tolerant and works on partial truth and approximation.
  • Hard computing is based on a crisp system and binary logic and soft computing are based on fuzzy logic and probabilistic reasoning.
  • Hard computing works on exact input data. On the contrary soft computing works on noisy and ambiguous data.
  • Hard computing performs sequential computations while soft computing performs parallel computations on the data.
  • Hard computing provides accurate results. On the other hand, soft computing provides approximate results.
  • The nature of the hard computing approach is deterministic whereas soft computing is probabilistic.
  • Hard computing uses two-valued logic, on the other hand, soft computing uses multi-valued logic.
  • Hard computing requires programs to be written but soft computing will emerge its programs.

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