C program to find Binary number of a Decimal number

Get Binary values of an input number in C: In this C program, we will read an integer (decimal) number and print its Binary values (Binary number).

Problem statement

Given an integer number and we have to find/print its binary value using C program.


In this program, we are finding the Binary values of 16 bits numbers, the logic is very simple – we have to just traverse each bits using Bitwise AND operator. To traverse each bit – we will run loop from 15 to 0 (we are doing this to print Binary in a proper format).

Binary from Decimal (Integer) number using C program

#include <stdio.h>

/*function declaration
	* name		: getBinary
	* Desc		: to get binary value of decimal number
	* Parameter	: int -integer number
	* return	: void
void getBinary(int);

int main()
	int num=0;
	printf("Enter an integer number :");
	printf("\nBinary value of %d is =",num);
	return 0;

/*Function definition : getBinary()*/
void getBinary(int n)
	int loop;
	/*loop=15 , for 16 bits value, 15th bit to 0th bit*/
	for(loop=15; loop>=0; loop--)
		if( (1 << loop) & n)


Enter an integer number :13
Binary value of 13 is =0000000000001101

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