C program to remove all spaces from a given string

In this C program, we are going to learn how to remove all spaces from a given string? Here, we will have a string with spaces and program will remove all spaces and print the string without spaces.
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Given a string with spaces and we have to remove all spaces from it using C program.

Without using other temporary string, in this program - we are reading a string from the user and then printing the string (by updating the same string variable) after removing all spaces from it.


    String: "C is the master of all"
    String: "Cisthemasterofall"

    String: "I love includehelp.com"
    String:  "Iloveincludehelp.com"

Program to remove all spaces from a given string in C

/** C program to create a new string after
 * removing spaces from the string

#include <stdio.h>

// function to remove white spaces from the string
void remove_spaces(char *buf , int len)
    int i=0,j=0;
    char temp[100]={0};
    for(i=0,j=0 ; i<len ; i++)
        if(buf[i] == ' ' && buf[i]!=NULL)
            for(j=i ; j<len ; j++)
                buf[j] = buf[j+1];

// main function
int main()
    // declare a char buffer
    char string[100]={0};
    // declare some local int variables
    int i=0,len=0;
    printf("\nEnter your string : ");
    // calculate the length of the string
    len = strlen(string);
    remove_spaces(string , len);
    printf("\nNew string is : %s\n",string);
    return 0;


    Run 1 : 
    Enter your string : C is the master of all
    New string is : Cisthemasterofall

    Run 2 : 
    Enter your string : I love includehelp.com
    New string is : Iloveincludehelp.com

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