C program to extract individual bytes from an unsigned int using union

In this program, we are going to extract individual bytes from an unsigned integer variable using C programming language union.

As we discussed in C - Union tutorial that union takes memory for largest data type element and other variables share that memory.

Thus, if we assign a value to an integer variable inside union a character array of 4 bytes will use the same bytes.

In this example, there will be two variables a as unsigned int and s as unsigned char array. We will assign the value to unsigned int variable and unsigned char array will point the same value.

C union program to extract individual bytes from an unsigned int


union tagname
	unsigned int a;
	unsigned char s[4];

union tagname object;

int main()
	char i; //for loop counter

	//assign an integer number

	printf("Integer number: %ld, hex: %X\n",object.a,object.a);

	printf("Indivisual bytes: ");
		printf("%02X ",object.s[i]);

	return 0;


Integer number: 2864434397, hex: AABBCCDD
Indivisual bytes: AA BB CC DD

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