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C program for passing structures as function arguments and returning a structure from a function

This program will demonstrate example for passing Structures as function arguments and returning a structure from a function in C language.

Structures can be passed as function arguments.

We can have a function of type returning a structure or a pointer to it, below code shows how to operate when we have a function taking structure as an argument:

Passing structure in function and returning structure from function program in C

#include <stdio.h>

//Lets create a structure first
struct FirstStruct
	int Num1;
	int Num2;

//function declarations
struct FirstStruct TakeUserInput(void);
void DisplayOutput(struct FirstStruct Input);

//structure object declaration
struct FirstStruct inputStruct;

int main()
    //create a structure to get a return from TakeUserInput function
    //Now use the DisplayOutput to print the input
	return 0;

//This function returns a structure after storing the user input into it
struct FirstStruct TakeUserInput(void)

    printf("Enter a number: ");
    printf("Enter a number again: ");

    return inputStruct;
//Function taking Structure as argument
void DisplayOutput(struct FirstStruct Input)


Enter a number: 10
Enter a number again: 20

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