Python Nested Lambda Function (With Examples)

Python nested lambda function: In this tutorial, we will learn about the nested lambda function, its syntax, working, and examples. By IncludeHelp Last updated : December 30, 2023

In Python programming language, an anonymous function i.e., a function without a name and lambda keyword is known as the Lambda function. A normal function is defined by the def keyword and with a function name, while a lambda function is defined by the lambda keyword and without a function name.

Python Nested Lambda Function

When a lambda function is used inside another lambda function then it is called Nested Lambda Function.

Execution Behaviour

The execution behavior of the nested lambda function is - the inner lambda function creates a function when the outer lambda function is called. The outer lambda function returns this function. This function is then called with the given argument.


Below is the syntax to declare a nested lambda function:

lambda parameterlist : lambda parameterlist : expression

Consider the below examples,

Nested Lambda Function (Example 1)

# Python program to demonstrate the use of 
# nested lambda functions
func = lambda x = 1, y = 2:lambda z: x +y+z
objF = func()





In the above code, we created an object objF of func, and called it 4 times with different values 1, 2, 3, and 4. When objF is called with the provided value – the nested lambda function will take the value of x and y from the first lambda function (the values are 1 and 2) and the value of z will be called the object's parameter that is 1 in first the case (print(objF(1))).

Nested Lambda Function (Example 2)

# Python program to demonstrate the use of 
# nested lambda functions
# Calculate cube
cube = lambda a: a**3 

# Calculate product with cube
product = lambda f, n: lambda a: f(a)*n

result = product(cube, 10)(5)

result = product(cube, 10)(2)




For case 1 (product(cube, 10)(5)): When the product function is called cube function gets bound to f and 10 gets bound to n which then returns a function which is bound to the product which when called with 5, a is assigned this and cube is called, which returns 125 and then it is multiplied with n which is 10. Thus, the final result will be 1250.

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