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Python String | join() Method with Example

Python String| join() Method with Example, this is an in-built Method in Python, it is used to join the elements of the list, string with a separator.
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on July 18, 2018

join() is an in-built method in Python and it is used to join elements of the list, string etc with the given str separator.

Note: Method is called with the separator and as arguments elements are provided, then the final (returned) string is a joined string by the separator string.



Example 1: Joining string with hyphen ('-') character

# s as separator string 
s = "-"
# str as sequence of strings
str = ("Hello", "World", "How are?")

# join and print the string
print (s.join(str))


    Hello-World-How are?

Example 2: Joining string with spaces, a student detail is provided as string sequences

# s as separator string (contains - space)
s = " "

# a student details
first_name = "Amit"
second_name = "Shukla"
age = "21"
branch = "B.Tech"

# creating string sequences
str = (first_name, second_name, age, branch)

# value of str before joining
print "str before join..."
print (str)

# join and print the string
print "str after join..."
print (s.join(str))


    str before join...
    ('Amit', 'Shukla', '21', 'B.Tech')
    str after join...
    Amit Shukla 21 B.Tech

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