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Top 25 Dynamic programming problems for interviews

This section contains the link to the solution of the top 25 dynamic programming problems for interviews.
Submitted by Radib Kar, on June 19, 2020

Dynamic programming is one of the most asked paradigms in any product-based company interviews. You can expect DP in online assessments also if you are in touch with any product-based company. For beginner its, of course, a Tough nut to crack. But if we can learn the pattern, we can solve dynamic problems easily. At IncludeHelp, we have tried to list out popular dynamic programing problems asked most frequently in company interviews and have listed them according to their patterns. If you learn one pattern you can solve all problems in the category.

Top DP problems for interviews

List to the dynamic programming problems

These are the most important dynamic programming problems asked in various technical interviews,

  1. (0-1) knapsack problem
  2. House robber
  3. Coin change
  4. Optimal strategy in a game
  5. Word break Problem
  6. Longest Increasing Subsequence
  7. Equal sum partitions
  8. Egg Dropping puzzle
  9. Knapsack with duplicate items
  10. Minimum path sum
  11. Unique number of ways to reach
  12. Longest common subsequence
  13. Edit distance
  14. Egg dropping puzzle
  15. Subset sum
  16. Minimum number of jumps
  17. Rod Cutting
  18. Adjacent are not allowed
  19. Number of binary strings without consecutive 1's
  20. Total number of non-decreasing number
  21. Highway billboard
  22. Minimum cost to make two strings similar
  23. Total number of palindromic subsequences
  24. Minimum number of deletions to make it sorted sequence
  25. Find out Longest palindromic subsequence

These are frequently asked dynamic programing questions as of now. We will keep updating the section as per the latest interview problems. Feel free to comment if you find any other problem to be listed here.

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