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Learn about the AutoCAD 2022, and the features of AutoCAD 2022. By Akash Periyasamy Last updated : March 28, 2023

AutoCAD 2022 is the latest version released in the market by Autodesk. It is one of the most used 2D and 3D commercial drafting software. It is used by architects, engineers, and medical fields for producing realistic designs.

It has been enabled with newly added features that distinguish it from the earlier versions. It provides a much more user-friendly interface and helps the user to work with ease and comfortability.

Features of AutoCAD 2022

  • Trace:
    It is used to review and add feedback safely to daring files without altering the details in it.
  • Count:
    This command is used to count the blocks automatically in the drawing file.
  • Share:
    It enables the user to share his drawing with his peers for better understanding and knowledge sharing.
  • Push to Autodesk Docs:
    This command is used to push the PDF documents to Autodesk Docs.
  • Drawing History:
    It shows the various actions that are taken to design the component.
  • Xref Compare:
    It is used to compare the two distinct versions of Xref without leaving the current design workspace.
  • Block's palette:
    It consists of several blocks that can be inserted into the design workspace.
  • Quick Measure:
    It is a measurement command that is used to quickly measure the dimension of the required element in the workspace.
  • Trim and Extend (Enhanced):
    It is used to trim the unwanted entities and extend entities whenever required.
  • Purge (redesigned):
    It is used to remove multiple unwanted entities with a single selection.
  • DWG™ Compare:
    It is used to compare two DWG files without exiting the current workspace.
  • PDF import:
    It is used to convert the design in the workspace to a PDF file.
  • AutoCAD anytime, anywhere:
    It enables the universal usage of AutoCAD on desktop, mobile, and web with a single Autodesk account.
  • Save to web and mobile:
    An AutoCAD design saved on the desktop can now be easily accessed using the web as well as the mobile application.
  • New views and viewports:
    Different views and viewports can be easily enabled with much ease.
  • High-resolution monitor support:
    Higher-quality designs can be viewed in the design workspace to visualize small variations in the design.

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