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AutoCAD 2022 – Drafting Settings

Learn about the drafting settings and its various elements in AutoCAD 2022. By Akash Periyasamy Last updated : April 01, 2023

What is Drafting Settings?

Drafting settings plays an indispensable role in AutoCAD 2022 because it helps in altering the various elements of the design workspace as per the requirement of the user to make the drawing experience user-friendly and productive. These settings can be accessed in the status bar which is present at the bottom right corner of the design workspace.

Drafting Settings - Status Bar

The status bar is shown below:

AutoCAD | Drafting Settings (1)

Elements of Drafting Settings Status Bar

Now let us look in brief about the main elements of the status bar for clear understanding of their influence in the workspace.

  1. Dynamic Input:
    Dynamic Input is an alternative command line that is present near to the cursor as the command is typed. It is displayed as a small rectangle near the cursor in the workspace.
    AutoCAD | Drafting Settings (2)
  2. Object Snap:
    It helps the user to select points along with an object with much ease. Without Object Snap, it will be really cumbersome and tedious for the user to select the required point on the object correctly. It displays points such as midpoint, quadrant, endpoint, node, geometric center, etc. on the object.
    AutoCAD | Drafting Settings (3)
  3. Ortho Mode:
    Ortho Mode is used to restrict the motion of the cursor in orthogonal directions only. It provides the motion of the cursor only in the vertical and horizontal directions.
    AutoCAD | Drafting Settings (4)
  4. Object Snap Tracking:
    Object Snap Tracking is used to determine the snapping reference line. This reference line helps the user to draw the lines at preset angles such as 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.
    AutoCAD | Drafting Settings (5)
  5. Polar Mode:
    Polar Mode is used to restrict the motion of the cursor in predetermined angles as per the user’s requirement. The various angles of alignment are determined and can be changed by the designer whenever needed to be altered.
    AutoCAD | Drafting Settings (6)

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