AutoCAD Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

AutoCAD is a commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application. Developed and marketed by Autodesk. It is used to draw and edit digital 2D and 3D designs more quickly.

AutoCAD MCQs: This section contains AutoCAD Multiple-Choice Questions with Answers. These MCQs are written for beginners as well as advanced, practice these MCQs to enhance and test the knowledge of AutoCAD.

List of AutoCAD MCQs

1. In AutoCAD 2D Modelling, which axis is not accessible for drafting?

  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Z
  4. WCS

Answer: C) Z


Z axis is relevant to 3D modelling.

2. A Polyline can be broken into individual lines and arcs using which of the following command?

  1. BREAK
  2. TRIM

Answer: C) EXPLODE


Explode command is used to separate polyline to individual entities.

3. Origin of the AutoCAD drawing space is,

  1. 0,0
  2. 1,0
  3. 0,1
  4. 1,1

Answer: A) 0,0


(0,0) is the origin for AutoCAD.

4. Scrolling of mouse can perform which following action?

  1. Zoom in / zoom out
  2. pan & scan
  3. extents / all
  4. scale

Answer: C) extents / all


It is one of the shortcut methods to zoom in and out of the workspace.

5. In AutoCAD, the number of workspaces is,

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Answer: B) 2


2D Modelling and 3D Modelling.


6. Is there any difference between Command Plot and Print?

  1. plot command prints only big plans
  2. The plot command for CNC (CAM)
  3. No difference
  4. print command can print up to A3 size paper

Answer: C) No difference


No difference exists between Command Plot and Print.

7. Find the false statement in regards with "If an array is made associative".

  1. You can't use Boolean operations on the array elements
  2. To make the array non associative you need to use explode command on it
  3. The array can be edited again by selecting it
  4. The array can't be modified in any way once it is made associative

Answer: D) The array can't be modified in any way once it is made associative


An associative array can be modified in AutoCAD.

8. An open area can be filled with which of the following gradient:

  1. Gap
  2. Tolerance
  3. Transparency
  4. Open

Answer: B) Tolerance


Tolerance is one of the sub commands of hatching to fill to open area.

9. The shortcut to start a table is,

  1. T
  2. TA
  3. TBL
  4. TABLE

Answer: D) TABLE


This command opens a table like that in office.

10. What is the shortcut for zoom command?

  1. Z Command
  2. Rotate mouse wheel
  3. ZOOM Command
  4. All of the above

Answer: D) All of the above


All the above methods can be used to zoom in and out the workspace.


11. To select a set of objects in the workspace, what should be done?

  1. By a crossing window drawn from right to left
  2. By a crossing window drawn left to right
  3. Shift + clicking on the objects
  4. None of the above

Answer: A) By a crossing window drawn from right to left


This control selects the objects present in the design space.

12. A line shows its dimension as 14.52. What is the precision of this line?

  1. [0.0]
  2. [0.00]
  3. [0.000]
  4. Display of length has nothing to do with precision

Answer: B) [0.00]


Since there are two numbers after the decimal point.

13. Model Tab and Layout Tab can be majorly distinguished as,

  1. The Model tab is used for drawing in 3D and a Layout is used for drawing in 2D
  2. The Model tab is where you create the drawing, and a Layout tab represents the sheet that you will plot or print on
  3. The colour of the background
  4. The Model tab displays the drawing you are copying from and the Layout tab is where you lay out the new drawing

Answer: B) The Model tab is where you create the drawing, and a Layout tab represents the sheet that you will plot or print on


The option clearly explains the solution.

14. Shortcut key for Multileader in AutoCAD 2022,

  1. ML
  2. MLN
  4. MULTI

Answer: C) MLEADER


This command produces a multileader.

15. To bring a particular area of the workspace in focus, what command should be used?

  1. Zoom Extents
  2. Zoom Window
  3. Zoom Dynamic
  4. Zoom All

Answer: B) Zoom Window


This command zooms only the required region.

16. What are the various options from left to right and the opposite direction?

  1. Choose a different category of objects
  2. Select objects according to their colour
  3. Select objects according to their position
  4. No difference

Answer: B) Select objects according to their colour


You can select different coloured objects.

17. Shortcut for Trim command is,

  1. T
  2. TR
  3. TI
  4. X

Answer: B) TR


The shortcut for Trim command is TR.

18. A Boolean operation that is used to select interfering region between solids,

  1. Union
  2. Intersect
  3. Subtract
  4. None of the above

Answer: B) Intersect


Intersect command produces only intersecting regions of two solids.

19. What command allows us to select objects based on some status?

  1. Properties
  2. Qselect
  3. Pselect
  4. Attributes

Answer: B) Qselect


It allows to select objects based on the predetermined conditions.

20. If you change the scale list a project that I have started from 1:50 1:10 then,

  1. You will have to start over
  2. You should not raise the objects already exist (scale) by 5
  3. You will not need to change anything in hitherto methodology
  4. Should be converted into new items that will add based on the new scale

Answer: A) You will have to start over


You will have to start over again.

21. A line 4mm in length inclined at 75 degrees to the x- axis can be represented as,

  1. will write 0 <75
  2. will write 0 <15
  3. will write 4 <15
  4. will write 4 <75

Answer: C) will write 4 <15


Use the line command with dimension @ angle.

22. How will you create a line representing length 15 units at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the positive direction of the X-axis and the first point of the line is not at the origin?

  1. 30<15
  2. 15<30
  3. @30<15
  4. @15<30

Answer: D) @15<30


This command produces the required line.

23. Which of the following options cannot be used to represent a line?

  1. Yards
  2. Parsecs
  3. Microns
  4. Grads

Answer: D) Grads


The first three options are to represent a line with measurement.

24. A fillet command is used to produce,

  1. Sharp corners
  2. Round corners
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

Answer: C) Both of the above


Filleting produces a curved corner.

25. Which one of the following is not a property of an object?

  1. Line weight
  2. Measure
  3. Hyperlink
  4. Elevation

Answer: B) Measure


Measure is used to measure the length of a line.

26. In MLine tool editor, symbol tool can be found on which panel?

  1. Tools
  2. Insert
  3. Options
  4. Formatting

Answer: B) Insert


Under Insert option, you can find the symbol tool.

27. What is the default design workspace in AutoCAD 2022?

  1. AutoCAD Classic
  2. Drafting & Annotation
  3. 3D Basics
  4. 3D Modelling

Answer: B) Drafting & Annotation


It is set by Autodesk.

28. What time (according to the clock) are 180 degrees according to the conventional time?

  1. 12 exactly
  2. 6 exactly
  3. 9 exactly
  4. 3 exactly

Answer: C) 9 exactly


Calculate the angle from the origin.

29. Which coordinate option can be used to reset the orientation of UCS to its default?

  1. UCS, World
  2. UCS, Named UCS
  3. UCS, Previous
  4. UCS Icon, Properties

Answer: A) UCS, World


It can reset UCS to default.

30. An object can be obtained from a block by using,


Answer: A) EXPLODE


Explode command separates a group of objects into individual entities.

31. The symbol that shows snap point to the closet point,

  1. With circles and dots in the centre
  2. With two triangles
  3. With three orthogonal
  4. With Diamond

Answer: C) With three orthogonal


With three orthogonal symbol we can find it out.

32. In order to measure the dimensions of a land, the surveyor uses which of the following system,

  1. No one method
  2. Related cartesian coordinates
  3. Absolute polar coordinates
  4. None of the above

Answer: A) No one method


Because there is no standard method followed universally.

33. The command that is used to convert a block into a drawing object,




It is used for the above function.

34. The function of a polar array is to create object,

  1. In a grid pattern
  2. In a circular pattern
  3. In a straight line
  4. All the above

Answer: B) In a circular pattern


Similar objects around a centre is created.

35. Fillet in various corners can be created simultaneously using which command,

  1. Loop
  2. Chain
  3. Multiple
  4. Edge

Answer: A) Loop


Loop command enables the user to select multiple entities.

36. The command used to convert separate entities into a polyline,

  1. Union
  2. Subtract
  3. Join
  4. Polyline

Answer: C) Join


Join command connects separate entities into a group.

37. Command used to create a rectangle 8 units in length and 6 units in width, starting not from the origin,

  1. 8,6
  2. 6,8
  3. @8,6
  4. @6,8

Answer: C) @8,6


@ operation enables the rectangle to be created away from the origin.

38. AutoCAD commands can be accessed in,

  1. Drawing area
  2. Status bar
  3. Tool bars
  4. Command window

Answer: D) Command window


It is present at the bottom centre.

39. Various methods to access PAN command,

  1. Right click and select PAN from contextual menu
  2. PAN command
  3. Press and hold middle mouse button
  4. All of the above

Answer: D) All of the above


Both of the values "NULL" and "null" are NULL. Thus, the output will be "NULL NULL".

40. The file extension that cannot be accessed by AutoCAD,

  1. dwg
  2. dxf
  3. doc
  4. dws

Answer: C) doc


"doc" is the file format of Microsoft Word

41. Plagiostomi angle can be created by which angle,

  1. chamfer
  2. fillet
  3. offset
  4. mirror

Answer: A) chamfer


Chamfer command can be used.

42. In AutoCAD, polar coordinate is used for creating,

  1. arc
  2. ellipse
  3. angular lines
  4. none of the above

Answer: A) arc


Arc can be created using polar coordinate.

43. To print the entire project, you will choose to regulate what to plot

  1. Display
  2. Extends
  3. Limits
  4. Window

Answer: A) Display


It enables to print the required workspace.

44. The layer that can be deleted from the layer property manager,

  1. Layer 0
  2. Defpoints
  3. Layer containing objects
  4. Frozen layer not containing objects

Answer: D) Frozen layer not containing objects


It does not contain any information.

45. The maximum number of layers that a drawing can have?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. As many as depending on the complexity
  4. None of the above

Answer: C) As many as depending on the complexity


It entirely depends on the drawing intricacy.

46. The hatch pattern used to fil a closed area,

  1. ANSI31
  2. ANGLE
  3. SOLID
  4. Filled area can't be made with hatch command

Answer: C) SOLID


It generates the hatch pattern for visual identification.

47. Which state grid is used to design perspective?

  1. Parametric
  2. Isometric
  3. Pro-optic
  4. Rectangular

Answer: B) Isometric


It enables a 3D view

48. The position of the camera can be tuned accurately using,

  1. Pan
  2. Zoom
  3. Orbit
  4. Navigation Wheel

Answer: D) Navigation Wheel


This command is majority used in rendering.

49. What is the highest value of layer transparency?

  1. 100
  2. 50
  3. 30
  4. 90

Answer: D) 90


90 is the highest value.

50. An inclined angle can be produced using which command.

  1. <
  2. >
  3. @
  4. #

Answer: A) <


Less than symbol (<) is used for this purpose.

51. The command that is not suitable to start print command,

  1. PRINT
  2. PR
  3. PLOT
  4. ctrl + P

Answer: B) PR


All, but option B cannot be used.

52. If I want to draw a line in the direction 6 pm (local time) will give an angle,

  1. -135 degrees
  2. 270 degrees
  3. -225 degrees
  4. None of the above

Answer: B) 270 degrees


Refer the angle from origin.

53. The number of ways a circle can be created in AutoCAD,

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 8

Answer: C) 6


There are 6 distinct ways of creating circle.

54. An object has how many snaps in AutoCAD?

  1. 1
  2. 4
  3. 5
  4. Depend on object

Answer: D) Depend on object


It depends on the complexity of the object.

55. Which factor of hatch command you will change to correct the spacing between hatch lines or pattern?

  1. Pattern
  2. Angle
  3. Scale
  4. Layer

Answer: C) Scale

56. The extension for AutoCAD drawing file is,

  1. DWG
  2. DWT
  3. DWF
  4. DXF

Answer: A) DWG

57. What is the usefulness of viewports?

  1. Allows us to see the screen or on paper different views of the same project
  2. Give us the ability to see projects have become a newer version of AutoCAD from our
  3. We can make a change in one part of the plan, without affecting the rest
  4. None of the above

Answer: A) Allows us to see the screen or on paper different views of the same project

58. The shortcut key to enable snap n AutoCAD,

  1. F2
  2. F3
  3. F5
  4. F8

Answer: B) F3


F3 enables snap on/off.

59. In AutoCAD, scaling function is used for making an object,

  1. Smaller
  2. Bigger
  3. Either smaller or bigger
  4. None of the above

Answer: C) Either smaller or bigger


Scaling can be done in both ways.

60. Block Control should be used,

  1. To write text block
  2. To fix outer block
  3. To fix dynamic block
  4. To store it in another version of AutoCAD

Answer: C) To fix dynamic block


It is the primary function of block control.

61. Which of the following AutoCAD command does not have a thickness property?

  1. TEXT
  2. MTEXT
  3. LINE

Answer: B) MTEXT


It is used to produce texts without any dimension in Z-axis.

62. Identify the command that does not belong to the Boolean group in AutoCAD,

  1. Union
  2. Subtract
  3. Intersect
  4. Divide

Answer: D) Divide


It is a mathematical operation.

63. Rectangle command can be defined using how many commands,

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four

Answer: B) Two


Left bottom and Right Top corner should be provided.

64. Which of the following tool cannot be used to make 2D views from 3D drawing?

  1. Flatten
  2. Flatshot
  3. Layout Views
  4. Section Plane

Answer: D) Section Plane


Section Plane is used to provide interior details.

65. When in absolute Cartesian coordinates have points A (10.8) and B (6.5), then to make a line from A -> B with relative polar coordinates will write,

  1. @ -5 <36.88
  2. @ 4 <30
  3. @ 5 <216,88
  4. @ 3 <60

Answer: C) @ 5 <216,88


It produces the required line.

66. An animation video in AutoCAD cannot be created in which of the following format?

  1. 3GP
  2. WMV
  3. AVI
  4. MPG

Answer: A) 3GP


It is not supported in AutoCAD.

67. The shortcut used to save a drawing in AutoCAD,

  1. CTRL + S
  2. SHIFT + S
  3. ALT + S
  4. CTRL + ALT + S

Answer: A) CTRL + S


It is used for saving.

68. Print scale 1:100 means that,

  1. The draft is 100 times less expensive than the original
  2. A 3 cm corresponds to a meter
  3. A measure corresponds to 100 cm
  4. None of the above

Answer: A) The draft is 100 times less expensive than the original


Scaling reduces or increases the size of the object.

69. AutoCAD file is saved in which format?

  1. DWG
  2. DWT
  3. DWF
  4. DXF

Answer: A) DWG


DWG is the standard file format of AutoCAD.

70. The shortcut command for a rectangle,

  1. R
  2. RE
  3. REC
  4. RET

Answer: C) REC


This command is used to create a rectangle.



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