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Learn about the different versions of AutoCAD with their features. By Akash Periyasamy Last updated : March 28, 2023

Till 01/01/2022, Autodesk has released 36 versions of AutoCAD. Each version has its advantages and drawbacks. The newer versions are developed to overcome the cons of the previous versions.

Different AutoCAD Versions

The Various AutoCAD versions are explained below:

S. No. Name Release Date Features
1AutoCAD version 1.0December 1982It was the first release of AutoCAD by Autodesk. During the time of release, the DWG R1.0 file format was introduced.
2AutoCAD version 1.2April 1983It was the second version of AutoCAD by Autodesk. During the time of release, the DWG R1.2 file format was introduced.
3AutoCAD version 1.3August 1983During the time of release, the DWG R1.3 file format was introduced. In this version, many features were released by Autodesk. Some of the features are configuration, justified text, large plotter, plot, origin, etc.
4AutoCAD version 1.4October 1983Adding on to the previous version. Some more additional features were introduced such as text fonts, zoom filler, sketch, axis, arrays, snap mode, etc.
5AutoCAD version 2.0October 1984In this version, features such as mirror, QTEX, line types, text styles, attributes, etc. were introduced.
6AutoCAD version 2.1May 1985Features like limits, fillet extended, 3D visualization, polylines, chamfer, etc. were added.
7AutoCAD version 2.5June 1986Some features like an extension of area command, dynamic specifications, angle, save, view, mirror, etc. were introduced in addition to those features in the previous versions.
8AutoCAD version 2.6April 1987Features like 3D line and 3D face entities, redraw command, etc. were added.
9AutoCAD R9September 1987 In this version, R stands for Release. 8086 family microprocessors were used for the first time by Autodesk. Some features like multiple command modifiers, spline curves, etc. were added.
10AutoCAD R10October 1988More features like UCSICON, line, DVIEW, 3D polish, 3D mesh, etc., and 3D face entities, REDRAW command, enhancement of DIMZIN, and AREA dimensioning variable were introduced by Autodesk.
11AutoCAD R11October 1990In the R11 version, features such as multiple viewports, network support features, tile mode system variables, etc. were added.
12AutoCAD R12June 1992R12 version was an improvisation of the R11 version. The main menu was eliminated in this version of AutoCAD. Some features like object snap, plot, hatch, etc. were introduced.
13AutoCAD R13November 1994All previously available commands were enhanced in this version.
14AutoCAD R14February 1997Features like drawing productive tools, customization tolls, and management tools were added.
15AutoCAD 2000March 1999In this version, distinct platforms like floating toolbars, screen layout, drawing preview, and commands such as extend, parallel lines, Boolean operation, etc. were added.
16AutoCAD 2000iJuly 2000Commands such as polyline, quick select, grips, trim, fillet, etc. were added to this version.
17AutoCAD 2002June 2001In this version, collaborative designs were introduced. Block, edit, text scaling, spell checking, etc. are some of the features added in this version.
18AutoCAD 2004March 2003Express tools, a new tool palette, and sharing of files were added.
19AutoCAD 2005March 2004New standards to improve CAD productivity were introduced.
20AutoCAD 2006March 2005In this version. Drafting and documentation tools such as hatch, block, multiline text, etc. were introduced.
21AutoCAD 2007March 2006The concept of visualizing, design, sharing, and documentation was implemented in this version to work efficiently.
22AutoCAD 2008March 2007This version included enhanced tables, annotation, scaling, text, key, and leader enhancement.
23AutoCAD 2009March 2008It included a user interface, navigation bar, and some additional commands.
24AutoCAD 2010March 2009In this version, advanced features like 3D printing, free-form design, parametric design, etc.
25AutoCAD 2011March 2010The features included 3D Gizmos, updated UCS icon, background and grid colors, extended X and Y origin lines, etc.
26AutoCAD 2012March 2011The features included online storage, new arrays, multifunctional grips, content explorer, etc.
27AutoCAD 2013March 2012The features included OFFSET preview, array, and online enhancements, improved PRESSPULL command, etc.
28AutoCAD 2014March 2013The features included online storage, new arrays, multifunctional grips, content explorer, etc.
29AutoCAD 2015March 2014The features included drafting, viewport resizing, block galleries, printable online maps, and new text alignment.
30AutoCAD 2016March 2015The features included Mtext enhancements, smart dimensioning, easy editing revision clouds, status bar wrap, variable monitor, etc
31AutoCAD 2017March 2016The features included the Autodesk app, sharing drawings, centreline, center marks, making 3D print files, migrating custom settings, and enhanced graphics.
32AutoCAD 2018March 2017The features included an updated centerline, pdf enhancements, etc.
33AutoCAD 2019March 2018The features included Map 3D, Mechanical design, electrical design, architecture, new AutoCAD web, and mobile app, etc.
34AutoCAD 2020March 2019The features included a new dark theme, quick measurements, a blocks palette, etc.
35AutoCAD 2021March 2020It included Drawing history, Xref compare, Google drive integration, and offline activation was removed.
36AutoCAD 2022March 2021Count, Trace, Share, Drawing History are some of the new features included.

Reference: AutoCAD version history

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