AutoCAD 2022 – Limits Command

Learn about the Limits Command in AutoCAD 2022, how to use it?
Submitted by Akash Periyasamy, on January 21, 2022

The size of the workspace is an important factor that is to be decided by the user as per the overall size of the object to be designed. Limits is a command in AutoCAD that determines the size of the design workspace. It is the first and foremost step in AutoCAD that is to be carried out before the initialization of the design. The designer can predict the overall dimensions of his design before drawing and determines the limits based on his forecast.

The Limits command asks the designer two major coordinates. One is the coordinates of the bottom left corner which in most cases is set as the origin (0,0) whereas the second coordinate is the top right corner of the design workspace that is varied from design to design based on the requirement.

The steps to be followed to initialize a design workspace with 400 mm width and 400 mm length is explained below:

1) Open the AutoCAD 2022 software.

AutoCAD | Limits Commands (Step 1)

2) Click on the New option to open a new drawing workspace.

AutoCAD | Limits Commands (Step 2)

3) Type Limits in the command line to enable the Limits command.

AutoCAD | Limits Commands (Step 3)

4) Now, you will be prompted to enter the coordinates of the bottom left corner. Enter 0, 0 as we wish to fix the origin as the bottom left corner of the design workspace.

AutoCAD | Limits Commands (Step 4)

5) We shall now be asked to enter the coordinates of the top right corner of the workspace. Type 400, 400 and click enter to enable it.

AutoCAD | Limits Commands (Step 5)

6) Type Zoom in the command line to enable Zoom command and enter Extents to regenerate the model as per the specification.

AutoCAD | Limits Commands (Step 6)


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