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AutoCAD 2022 – Mirror Command

Learn about the Mirror Command in AutoCAD 2022, how to use it? By Akash Periyasamy Last updated : April 01, 2023

What is Mirror Command?

Symmetric Objects can be created easily in AutoCAD 2022 with the help of Mirror Command. It is used to mirror the selected portion of the object along a mirror plane. In the case of symmetric objects, the axis is determined and the entities on one side of the axis are drawn and the other half is mirrored using the mirror command for reducing the drawing time and complexity. Apart from this, similar objects can be mirrored along the different axis for the creation of multiple copies of the object. The user has also been given the privilege to either keep the original object or delete it after mirroring.

How to Enable Mirror Command?

The two standard methods of enabling the mirror command are explained below:

  1. First Method:
    In this method, the command is enabled by clicking on the icon shown below which is present in the ribbon panel.
    Mirror Command (Step 1)
  2. Second Method:
    It is an alternative method in which the command is enabled by typing MI in command line.

Now, let us understand the concept of this command easily with the aid of examples for more clarity about it.

  • The figure shown below can be created easily with the help of the mirror command.
    Mirror Command (Step 2)
  • Draw the left half of the symmetric object and the other half is to be created with the use of the mirror command.
    Mirror Command (Step 3)
  • Enable the mirror command by anyone of the methods explained above.
    Mirror Command (Step 4)
  • Select the object that is required to be mirrored and press enter.
    Mirror Command (Step 5)
  • Specify the first point of the mirror line.
    Mirror Command (Step 6)
  • Again, specify the second point of the mirror line.
    Mirror Command (Step 7)
  • Now, it will be prompted whether to keep or erase the source object. If yes, is selected, then the objects selected will be deleted and only the mirrored object will be preset. In our case, let us select NO.
    Mirror Command (Step 8)
  • Thus, the symmetric object is created with the aid of the mirror command.
    Mirror Command (Step 9)

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