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Software Component Classification

In this article, we will learn how components of any software are classified, how this classification is done, and what is the basis on which this classification takes place? By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 07, 2023

Software Component

Software Components should be appropriately characterized to build up a viable ordering and capacity conspire. However, when dealing with software, hardware should also be dealt with side by side as they both are complementary to each other. Hardware reuse has been fruitful. Hardware components are characterized by utilizing a staggered progression. At the least level, the components are portrayed in a few structures: natural language description, logic schema, timing information, and so on. The higher the level at which a component is portrayed, the more is the vagueness. This has persuaded the Prieto-Diaz's order plot.

Prieto-Diaz's Classification Scheme

Each component is best described according to its characteristics and facets. Objects can be classified as follows,

  • actions they embody
  • objects which they manipulate or are manipulated by
  • data structures that are used
  • systems that they are part of, etc

Prieto-Diaz's faceted classification conspire requires picking an n-tuple that best fits a component. The faceted classification has favorable circumstances over enumerative order. Carefully enumerative plans utilize a predefined chain of command. Accordingly, these powers to look for a thing that best fit the component to be classified. This makes it hard to look through a necessary software component. In spite of the fact that cross-referencing different things can be incorporated, the subsequent system gets confounded.


The area vault may contain a huge number of reusable things. A prominent inquiry procedure that has demonstrated to be successful is one that gives a web interface to the storehouse. Utilizing such a web interface, one would look through a thing utilizing a rough computerized hunt utilizing watchwords, and afterward from these outcomes do browsing utilizing the connections gave to look into related things. The approximate automated search finds items that seem to satisfy a portion of the predefined necessities. The things situated through the inexact inquiry fill in as a beginning stage for perusing the vault. These fill in as the beginning stage for perusing the store. The developer may follow links to different items until an adequately decent match is found. Browsing is finished utilizing the keyword-to-keyword, keyword-to-product, and product-to-product links.

Repository Maintenance

Repository maintenance includes entering new things, resigning those things which are not any more important, and adjusting the inquiry ascribes of things to improve the adequacy of search. The software industry is continually attempting to actualize something that has not been very done previously. As examples prerequisites rise, new reusable parts are recognized, which may, at last, become pretty much the measures. Notwithstanding, as innovation propels, a few components which are as yet reusable, don't completely address the present prerequisites. Then again, limiting reuse to profoundly develop components, penances one of the makes potential reuse opportunities. Making a product accessible before it has been completely evaluated can be counterproductive. Negative encounters will in general break down the trust in the whole reuse system.

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