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The evolving nature of the software industry

In this tutorial, we will learn about evolving nature of the Software industry. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 04, 2023


"The software industry is in crisis". This is true since the establishment of the software industry and this situation never seems to be any better till today. This is because all the software which are initiated do not reach their finishing (deployment) stage. This is mostly because of the hectic procedure that most of the development teams follow which either end up in the cancellation of the project or exceeding either the time limit or the cost.

If we divide the states of the project on the scale of 100, we get the following results:

The evolving nature of the software industry

It can be observed that only 20% of the software that turns out to be successful and the rest turn out to be either a complete failure or a big loss to the software industry.

The reason behind this status of the software industry is as follows,

Factors resulting in software crisis

1) Large and complex problems

As the demand of the customer increases, the size of the software also increases, and with the increasing size, the program turns out to be more complex to develop. So, after a certain limit, the developers fail to handle such large and complex software and thus this most of the times lead to cancellation of the entire project.

2) Lack of skilled developers

The developers do not have the right and enough skill and experience for building the software, but still they take the initiative to build it and in the later phase of the project face certain issues with which they keep tackling and this ends up the software to exceed either the deadline or the budget decided.]

3) Lack of adequate training in Software engineering

Many engineers do not have any knowledge regarding the software engineering and thus the procedure they follow is the main reason behind the project to be unsuccessful because they do not proceed in a systematic way and as the software expands, things get out of control. Also, in such cases, it is often seen that the project is started afresh again and again. So, restarting the project is obviously the wastage of both the time and money, which is not good news for the software industry.

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