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Why do we need Software Engineering?

In this tutorial, we will study the different factors which are the answer to the question: Why do we need software engineering? By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 04, 2023

Software Engineering

Software engineering is the application of the set of pre-defined procedures while developing any project.

Need of Software engineering

Why do we need Software engineering? What factors made us implement these predefined set of procedures and protocols while developing any project? The following points are the answer to this:

  • Due to the changing nature of the software
  • Due to the increasing complexity of the software
  • For improving the quality of the software
  • Bacause, the software industry is in crisis
  • Due to software failures

Due to the changing nature of the software

The nature of the software, i.e. its components and features never remains the same throughout as to meet the needs, time to time changes are made in it. Due to this, it is not possible to decide everything (like requirements, design, etc.) is the initial phase of software development. Therefore, if we follow the software engineering techniques in our project, we will be in a situation to handle such type of changes if occurred.

Due to the increasing complexity of the software

As more features and more modules are added up to the software, it becomes difficult to integrate them. This increases the complexity of the software in the later phases of development and maintenance. Also, there may be situations in which we might need to change the design and existing code too. So, if we follow the Software Engineering norms from starting itself, then such situations can be handled smoothly.

For improving the quality of the software

We all want that the quality of the software must be improved so that we may experience good connectivity with it and it is easy and engaging for us to use it.

Bacause, the software industry is in crisis

According to the surveys conducted, it was observed that form all the software that is initiated, only about 15-17 % of them get success and reach to the final deployment stage. The rest of them either experiences cancellation in mid itself due to repeated failures and others due to going over budget. This is because the developers do not plan wisely before starting the development task. If they follow the guidelines of Software Engineering, then the cases for the project being canceled due to failures or due to going over budget gets reduced a lot.

Due to software failures

Even after the deployment of the software, several of them face huge failures which result in enormous damage to the economy. This happens because the testing phase has not been performed properly. This problem can also be eliminated if the norms of Software Engineering are followed while the development of any project.

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