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SDLC Software Design Phase

In this article, we are going to study about the design phase of the software. We will study about the different activities that the software has to face or that the developers perform while designing the software.
By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 05, 2023

What is Design Phase in SDLC?

Software design is a phase that comes after the requirement analysis of the software. In this phase, the requirements of the software are represented in a form that is suitable as per the customer’s demand, and that can easily be implemented through any coding language by the software developers.

The software design is like a blueprint of the software. This can be related to the construction of a building. Before constructing any building, a blueprint of that building is created and according to that blueprint, further construction is carried out. For a similar purpose, in the case of software development, we make software design. After the design phase, the software undergoes the coding and implementation phase. In this phase, different developers work on different modules. So, for any kind of reference or any help, they refer to this software design.

Software Design in SDLC

While designing any software, we do it mainly in two different phases. They are:

  1. Preliminary Design
  2. Detailed Design

1) Preliminary Design

In the preliminary design, a rough design of the software is proposed by several designers according to the customer requirements. In the preliminary design, various designs of the software are made, accepted, rejected and modified. After reaching a stage in which the design seems to fulfill all the customer requirements, a set of trained software designers make the final design of the software.

2) Detailed Design

The final design that is made at the end of the preliminary design phase is called the detailed design. After this design is made, no further changes are made in the design of the software, and the design is sent to the development team for further work.

The design phase of the software is very crucial in the software development process. This is because if the design of the software is not accurate to fulfill all the requirements of the user, then the software that will be developed will also look those things because the software will follow the design only. So, for making good quality software, the design of the software should also be proper and accurate. So, each design in the preliminary stage must be evaluated in every manner before being finalized as the design for the software.

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