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Operating Procedures in a Software

In this tutorial, we will learn about the operating procedures in software engineering, different modules of operating procedures. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 04, 2023

Operating procedures overview

The software comprises of three things: Program code, Documentation, and the Operating Procedures. The Program code is the entire software code. The Documentation is produced while the development of the software itself for the time to time reference about the software. The Operating Procedure is the one which is made for the users.

The operating procedures

The operating procedures consists of all the information that is required for operating the Software. The operating procedures are important as the program code of the software because even if the development of the software is done successfully, but its users are unable to operate on it, then the software is useless. So, it is equally important for its users to be able to understand the working and different operations that can be performed using it at the user end.

Modules of operating procedures

The operating procedure consists of two modules:

  1. User manuals
  2. Operational manuals
Operating procedures in a software

1) User manuals

The User Manuals gives a complete description of how to operate the particular software, what are its functionalities, etc. The User Manual includes the following three things:

1.1) System overview

It defines what the purpose of the software is. As the name suggests, it gives us the overview of the entire software like why it is useful, how it is better than other software that is in already the market for the same purpose, etc.

1.2) Beginner's guide tutorials

This guide includes the step by step procedure for operating each feature of the software. This module is made by keeping in mind that a beginner who is working with the software does not know the software, how to use it, how to work with it. So, through this, the user can get help with getting to know the software.

1.3) Reference guide

This Guide is somewhat of a help book for its users. Even after the user gets familiar with the software, he may get stuck somewhere and may find difficulties in operating it. So, at that time, he can look forward to a reference in the Reference guide of the User manual.

2) Operational manual

The Operational Manual tells about the hardware requirements and software supports that are required for running the particular software on your machine. This comprises mainly of the following two sub-modules:

2.1) Installation guide

Through this module, you can get complete information regarding the installation of the software on to your machine. This might be either through the software installation disk or through the internet links form where you can download that particular software.

2.2) System administration guide

This module tells you about the Administration settings and its permissions that will be required while running the Software. These also include various terms and conditions and various policies regarding the software. Without fulfilling these, you cannot use the software.

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