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Things developed in the design phase of the software

In this tutorial, we will learn about the different things that are developed in the designing phase of the software. We will first mention them and will also describe each of them in brief. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 05, 2023


In the design phase, the design of the software is made which represents how the software would be like when completely developed and launched as a final product. As there are numerous components in software, the design of every component must be made, as the developer will refer to the design only while developing that particular component. The design of the software is made keeping in mind that it can be easily implemented through a programming language.

Things developed in the design phase of the software

In the design phase, we design the following things are for any software:

  1. Different modules:
    Every module that the software contains or may contain must be designed.
  2. Control Flow:
    Every module is related to some other module and each module is controlled by some other module. This control that takes place within the modules must be well defined in the software design.
  3. Data flow:
    A software consists of different activities, or pages or segments. Each activity transfers or receives some data from other activities. This data flow must also resemble the software design so that the developers can understand it and implement the data flow in the software according to it.
  4. Data structures:
    The data structure that the software will be using is represented in the design of the software. The data structure followed by each module is represented separately even after these modules may be following the same data structures.
  5. Algorithms (Flow charts):
    The algorithms are represented pictorially in the software design through flow charts.
  6. User Interfaces:
    The interfaces of the software at every phase are also defined in the software design. They are must to be defined in software design. They resemble how the software would appear to the user at each state.
  7. Interface among different modules:
    This defines how and in what manner the different modules of the software are related to each other. This may be in terms of data control, flow control or may be affected by the action of some other activity indirectly.

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