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Coding Phase in Software Engineering

In this tutorial, we will learn about the coding phase and coding standards in software engineering. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 06, 2023

What is Coding Phase in SDLC?

The coding phase in the software engineering paradigm is usually defined after the designing phase. In this phase, the developers or the coders have to implement the software design practically using any computer language(s) so that the software can be created and the user can use it. This is the main step to be performed, and to ensure that this step is performed efficiently and is prone to minimum errors, the rest of the steps included in the software lifecycle model are followed.

Coding Standards

Now, the coding is not just a matter of implementing the code in any suitable language as per the developer's choice. Some norms and standards are set for this purpose which is known as the coding standards. Usually, good software developing organizations ensure that the developers of their software follow these standards to produce good quality software. Some of the organizations follow these standards strictly, while some make some modifications and alterations in these to meet their need and their quality levels.

Why do we need coding standards?

The coding standards are created and the developers are made to follow them while coding the software program. But, it is important to understand the need behind imposing these standards. The purpose of requiring all the developers (of the organization) to follow the same style of coding according to the mentioned standards is as follows,

  1. Uniform appearance of the whole code
  2. Understanding the code becomes easier
  3. The dependency of code on a particular developer is reduced
  4. Good programming practices are encouraged

Let's explain each in details.

1) Uniform appearance of the whole code

As we know that software is developed with the help of various members and it includes many coders who are responsible for developing different modules of the software. So, if a common standard in coding is followed, the same type of routine in the whole code can be noticed.

2) Understanding the code becomes easier

As many developers are working together on the same project, there is a high need among the developers to be able to understand each other's code. A common style of coding by everyone makes it easier for a developer to understand another developer's code.

3) The dependency of code on a particular developer is reduced

If a developer leaves his job in between, it is very difficult for some other developer to understand his work and proceed further with the same. In such cases, the module is started afresh or the maximum number of times. Following a set of standards while coding reduces such type of problem, as the code understandability is increased by this process.

4) Good programming practices are encouraged

When all the developers (more overly of that particular organization) follow the same style of coding according to the suggested norms, then this reflects goof programming practices among the developers and also resembles uniformity in their work.

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