Role of management in software development

In this tutorial, we will learn what role the management team plays in software development? By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 04, 2023

Role of management overview

Management is very important whenever we work on anything, especially in cases when we are working in a team and the number of co-workers is huge. IF we talk specifically about the software development process, then the main aim of software engineering is to define a procedure which is applicable to all the software that needs to be developed, and through which we can successfully finish our project till its deployment stage and also the final product that we get is an efficient one. In short, software engineering somewhere directly or indirectly deals with the management part of the software development too.

Factors of Management Dependency in Software Development

Factors upon which the Role of Management in Software Development depends,

1) People

Of course, the management has to deal with people in every stage of the software developing process. From the ideation phase to the final deployment phase, including the development and testing phases in between, there are people involved in everything, whether they be the customers or the developers, the designers or the salesmen. Hence, how they contact and communicate with each other must be managed so that all the required information is successfully delivered to the relevant person and hence there is no communication gap between the customers and the service providers.

2) Project

From the ideation phase to the deployment phase, we term the process as a project. Many people work together on a project to build a final product that can be delivered to the customer as per their needs or demands. So, the entire process that goes on while working on the project must be managed properly so that we can get a worthy result after completing the project and also so that the project can be completed on time without any delay.

3) Process

Every process that takes place while developing the software, or we can say while working on the project must be managed properly and separately. For example, there are various phases in a software development process and every phase has its process like the designing process is different from the coding process, and similarly, the coding process is different from the testing. Hence, each process is managed according to its needs and each needs to be taken special care of.

4) Product

Even after the development process is completed and we reach our final product, still, it needs to be delivered to its customers. Hence the entire process needs a separate management team like the sales department.

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