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Anshuman Das

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Anshuman Das

I'm pursuing B.Tech.(CSE) from Lovely Professional University. I'm a Computer Science Student with experienced coding skill in C/C++.

Moreover, have knowledge of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security with Cyber Security G-1 Expert certification.

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His submissions

C, C++ programming

  1. File management system calls in C programming
  2. C program to calculate the sum of the series 1-2+3-4+5-6+7-8...N terms
  3. C program to calculate the sum of the series 1+(1+2) +(1+2+3) +(1+2+3+4) +...+(1+2+3+...+n)
  4. C++ Inheritance aptitude questions and answers


  1. Simple pattern printing programs in Python

Computer Networks

  1. Fixed length and Variable length Subnet Mask (FLSM & VLSM) in Computer Networks
  2. Classless Addressing in Computer Networks

Cyber Security

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security and Hacking World

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