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Raunak Goswami

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I am 20 yr old guy and a newbie in the field of machine learning and deep learning .Just check out my GitHub profile to see my projects on machine learning and deep learning .currently developing an idea to incorporate machine learning into cyber security .Apart from coding ,I do like to write just have a look at my mirakeewriteups hope you’ll like them.

Raunak Goswami
Name Raunak Goswami
College HMR institute of technology and management (GGSIP University)
Course B.tech CSE
Batch 2016-2020
Languages C, C++, Python, Java
Areas of interest Machine Learning, Cyber security, Deep Learning, algorithm designing and Software engineering
GitHub profile:
Mirakee profile:
Hackerrank profile:

His submissions

Machine Learning

  1. Linear Regression in Machine Learning.
  2. Spyder: A powerful weapon for Machine Learning in Python.
  3. Data splitting | Machine Learning.
  4. Validation before Testing | Machine Learning.
  5. Pearson’s correlation and its implication in machine learning.
  6. Spearman's correlation and its implication in machine learning.
  7. Root-Mean-Square Error (RMSE) | Machine Learning.
  8. Introduction to weka and Machine learning in Java.
  9. Attribute relation file format | Machine Learning.
  10. Attribute Selection | Machine Learning.
  11. Training and Testing Sets in Java | Machine Learning.
  12. Kendall's Tau correlation in machine learning.


  1. Bubble sort Algorithm, Flow Chart and C++ Code.
  2. Insertion sort Algorithm, flowchart and C, C++ Code.


  1. Basic Array Operations in Java using Eclipse.
  2. Producer and Consumer Code in Java
  3. Use of all the user defined exception keywords in a single Java program
  4. Using queue and stack in a single Java program using loops

Computer Basics

  1. Software Life Cycle Model: The Waterfall Model.
  2. Software Testing and its basic types


  1. Azure Machine learning - The non-coder’s machine learning tool

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