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Himanshu Bhatt

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Himanshu Bhatt

Himanshu Bhatt
Alive since 1998

Hi Humans, I’m a human too from the same planet as you possibly from, the Earth. Currently pursuing some course, I guess Engineering in Computer Science from Rustamji Institute of Technology, Tekanpur. I am a Foodie loves panipuri with mild green chutney… and drinks water. I am very good at breathing Air (Oxygen)…. doing it since birth.

I love to spend time on Quora. An ambivert. Loves tech, do programming for fun and I love memes.

His submissions

JavaScript, JSON

  1. If and Else statement in JavaScript (Vanilla).
  2. Loops in JavaScript
  3. Arrays in JavaScript
  4. Search from Array of Objects | JavaScript
  5. Playing with Number in JavaScript
  6. maps and for...of loops in Javascript
  7. Objects in JavaScript
  8. Arrow function in JavaScript
  9. Try Catch to avoid program freeze in JavaScript
  10. An Introduction to JavaScript (Vanilla JS)
  11. Understanding Functions and Scopes in JavaScript
  12. Coercion in JavaScript
  13. Understanding DOM with JavaScript
  14. Event Listener in JavaScript with HTML
  15. Web Application: A To-do List using JavaScript
  16. Local Storage using JavaScript
  17. JSON - parse and stringify


  1. Introduction to Linux (Its modes, Safety, Most popular Applications)
  2. Linux Best Distribution Software (Distros) of 2018
  3. Command Line Interface in Linux
  4. How to install OpenGL in Ubuntu | Linux
  5. Make Utility (MakeFile) in Linux
  6. Compression techniques in Linux
  7. Archiving Files Using Linux Command Line
  8. ZIP files on command line in Linux


  1. Introduction to Cryptography
  2. Cryptography: Caesar Cipher and its Python Implementations
  3. Substitution Techniques and its types | Cryptography
  4. Cryptographic Techniques: Vigenére Cipher, Playfair Cipher, Hill Cipher
  5. Cryptography Transposition Techniques


  1. Design Traditional and Magic Calculator in Python3


  1. Creating a Window using OpenGL | C++

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