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Jyoti Singh

I am Jyoti Singh pursuing B.E in computer Science from Maharana Pratap College Of Technology, Gwalior (M.P.)

I have good programming skills in programming languages like C, C++ and Java.

More ever, I have good problem solving ability and analytic skills to solve the problem efficiently. I like to learn new things and use them with my codes, currently.

"I Love To Find and correct Errors in code"

Her submissions


  1. How to access MetaData Of a class using Java?
  2. Java Reflection API to change the behavior of the class.
  3. Transaction Management in JDBC.
  4. Comparision of StringBuffer and StringBuilder in Java.
  5. Batch Processing In Java.
  6. Vector Class in Java.
  7. Comparator in Java.
  8. ToString Method in Java.
  9. Java program to write and read a JSON File.
  10. Java program to read a CSV File.
  11. Java program to create and reverse a linked list.
  12. Java program to Join Threads.
  13. How to Create Java Threads (java examples to create threads)?
  14. Java program to break a string into characters.
  15. Java program to count number of digits in a string.
  16. Java program to count number of vowels in a string.
  17. Java program to count number of words in a sentence.
  18. Java program to count number of uppercase and lowercase letters in a string.


  1. Record Insert and Display Using PHP CodeIgniter.
  2. PHP Invoice Example.
  3. PHP Code to Insert Data in MySql.
  4. PHP - MySql Connection Example.
  5. PHP minor project for Student Result Management System.
  6. A simple MVC PHP CodeIgniter Example.

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