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Siddhant Verma

Name: Siddhant Verma

I'm an aspiring Software developer with a keen interest in technology. I am also an avid technical writer and open source enthusiast. Currently, I'm pursuing my bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the University School of Information, Communication, and Technology(IP University). I like working with JavaScript and C++ and spend my leisure time playing Guitar.

His submissions


  1. Java vs JavaScript | Differences and Popularities
  2. JavaScript Syntax
  3. JavaScript Type Conversions
  4. JavaScript Variables
  5. Bitwise Operators in JavaScript
  6. Operators in JavaScript
  7. Booleans in JavaScript
  8. JavaScript Math Object (Methods and Examples)
  9. Forms in JavaScript (form validations)
  10. Hoisting in JavaScript
  11. Constants in JavaScript
  12. Spread Operator in JavaScript
  13. Errors in JavaScript
  14. Debug JavaScript Code
  15. 'this' keyword in JavaScript
  16. The JavaScript DOM
  17. JavaScript DOM CSS
  18. The HTML DOM Elements
  19. The DOM Navigation
  20. Event Listeners in DOM
  21. Regular Expressions in JavaScript
  22. Rest Operator in JavaScript
  23. Modules in JavaScript
  24. Strict mode in JavaScript
  25. Window innerWidth and innerHeight Properties in JavaScript
  26. How to add a class name to an element in JavaScript?
  27. Difference between var and let in JavaScript?
  28. How to change the src of an element in JavaScript?
  29. How to change the class of an element in JavaScript?
  30. Polyfilling and Transpiling in JavaScript
  31. Object.entries() method in JavaScript
  32. Redirect to a URL in JavaScript
  33. Location protocol property in JavaScript
  34. Importing and Exporting Modules in JavaScript
  35. Dialog Boxes in JavaScript
  36. Properties of Objects in JavaScript
  37. How to get a key in an object by its value in JavaScript?
  38. How to check if a JavaScript object is a DOM object?
  39. Maps vs Objects in JavaScript
  40. How to get the first key name of a JavaScript Object?
  41. How to check if a key exists in a JavaScript Object?
  42. How to access an object having spaces in the object's key using JavaScript?
  43. How to check if an array includes an object in JavaScript?
  44. Convert an array to an object in JavaScript
  45. How to check object is an array in JavaScript?
  46. How to iterate over a JavaScript Object?
  47. Cursor Property in JavaScript
  48. Infinity Property in JavaScript
  49. focus() Method with Example in JavaScript
  50. setInterval() Method with Example in JavaScript
  51. Difference between == and === operators in JavaScript
  52. How to create hash from string in JavaScript?
  53. How to remove CSS property using JavaScript?
  54. How to replace element from an array in JavaScript?
  55. How to round Off a number upto 2 decimal places using JavaScript?
  56. How to return a value from a JS asynchronous callback function?
  57. How to compare two JavaScript array objects using JavaScript?
  58. Method to show or hide elements in HTML using display property in JavaScript
  59. Difference between != or !== operator in JavaScript
  60. JavaScript | Timer
  61. Difference between TypeScript and JavaScript
  62. ECMA in JavaScript
  63. JavaScript Window Object


  1. Introduction to JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  2. JSON Objects
  3. XML vs JSON | Differences between XML and JSON
  4. Basic syntax of JSON
  5. Data Types in JSON
  6. JSON Arrays


  1. Introduction to JQuery
  2. Selectors in JQuery
  3. JQuery HTML
  4. JQuery CSS
  5. JQuery DOM


  1. Introduction to AJAX
  2. Applications of AJAX
  3. AJAX Request
  4. AJAX Response
  5. AJAX XML http

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