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Kartiki Malik

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Kartiki Malik

Kartiki is very social with groups and individuals who are more practical than virtual or fad-driven. Her selective social activities are inherent, filled with adventure, patriotism, and art, and purposeful when it comes to learning. Kartiki helped many businesses to build their online presence. While striving for better audience reach of the client's messages, she is poised to learn everything related to marketing and communication. She loves writing about Travel, Entertainment, Politics, Business, and technology.

Her submissions

Data Science

  1. Data Cleaning | Data Science
  2. Data Modeling | Data Science
  3. Data Transformation | Data Science
  4. Feature Engineering | Data Science
  5. Business Intelligence vs Data Science
  6. Data Visualization | Data Science
  7. Tools for Data Science
  8. Data Deduplication in Data Science
  9. Data Matching in Data Science
  10. Data Profiling in Data Science
  11. Logistic Regression in Data Science
  12. Simple Linear Regression in Data Science
  13. Statistics in Data Science

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