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Abhishekh pathak

I am a Passionate Web Developer, who loves to code and solve the programming challenges.

I am up with my laptop most of the time learning and building stuff related to Web. I do enjoy watching movies, but I am highly dedicated to my work. I also like to write programming articles and sharing knowledge on IncludeHelp.

Area of interest: C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, PHP

His submissions


  1. Password strength checker in JavaScript.
  2. Print characters of a string in multiples of N in JavaScript.
  3. How to break in nested loops in JavaScript?
  4. Understanding callbacks in JavaScript.
  5. How to create accordions with JavaScript?
  6. Disable right click on webpage with JavaScript.
  7. How to make the font bold using JavaScript?
  8. Return multiple elements from function in JavaScript.
  9. How to get URL parameters using JavaScript?
  10. How to copy text to clipboard with JavaScript?
  11. How to get days of current month in JavaScript?
  12. Get browser details through JavaScript.
  13. Calculate the average of arguments in JavaScript.
  14. Ways to access object property in JavaScript.
  15. Count occurrence of a particular character in a string in JavaScript.
  16. Creating a property on prototype in JavaScript.
  17. Create a student object and print the details in JavaScript.
  18. Create a forward and back buttons in JavaScript.
  19. Different ways to create an Object in JavaScript.
  20. How to allow only alphabets in input field in JavaScript?
  21. Get the size of a file with JavaScript.
  22. How to get the decimal part of a floating number in JavaScript?
  23. Get current date, month and year in JavaScript.
  24. How to parse number from string in JavaScript?
  25. How to find absolute value of a number in JavaScript?
  26. Create functions with default arguments in JavaScript.
  27. How to return object from function in JavaScript?
  28. Get index of an element in JavaScript.
  29. Print a fibonacci series in JavaScript.
  30. Find the larger of two numbers in JavaScript.
  31. Convert a number into different base in JavaScript.
  32. Find substring within a string in JavaScript.
  33. Count the number of arguments passed to function in JavaScript.
  34. Ways to create Date object in JavaScript.
  35. Check if number is a valid number in JavaScript.
  36. Determine the largest element in the array in JavaScript.
  37. Create a user defined array in JavaScript.
  38. Concatenation operator in JavaScript.
  39. New variable declaration keywords in JavaScript.
  40. Dynamically add CSS class with JavaScript.
  41. Reverse an array in JavaScript.
  42. Access global variables inside function in JavaScript.
  43. Create a string parser with symbols for actions in JavaScript.
  44. Join elements of an array in JavaScript.
  45. JavaScript multiply every array element with a constant.
  46. JavaScript check if an array element is empty.
  47. Different ways to display output in JavaScript.
  48. Check if an element is present in an Array in JavaScript?
  49. How to change the font-size with JavaScript?
  50. JavaScript Reverse print an array.
  51. Template literals in JavaScript.
  52. How to get the extension of a file using JavaScript?
  53. The JavaScript forEach method in detail.
  54. Generate random number within a range in JavaScript.
  55. JavaScript program to create an object from a function.
  56. JavaScript program to split the keywords in the string.
  57. JavaScript program to check if the variable is a valid string variable.
  58. JavaScript Program to print sum of range with steps.
  59. JavaScript Program to create a power function and print the result.
  60. JavaScript to detect whether page is load on Mobile or Desktop.

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