Atul Anand

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Name Atul Anand
Coder at Hackerrank and Codechef.
ML and AI enthusiast

Linkedin ID:
Hackerrank ID:

Age 21
Study B.Tech. Computer Science (3rd year)
College ITM University, Gwalior
Academics 9.20 (avg. of previous 4 semesters)
Interests Programming, Operating System, Algorithm designing, Data Structure, Database, Competitive Programming, Projects.
Languages C/ C++, Java (Core), Python*, SQl/MySql/Oracle beginners, others (HTML/HTML (5), CSS/ CSS (3), Bootstrap)
Other skills PyQT, Deep Learning (ML/ AI), Robotics using Atmega 8 mcu, Encyclopedia for many frameworks of Python*, Ardiuno beginners,
Other topics interested Preparation strategies and guide for GRE/TOEFL, Travel blog articles, Sports article (Cricket, football, Skateboarding, indoor games, Badminton, etc.)

*: decided python to be my prior programming language.

Atul Anand

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