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Divyansh Jaipuriyar

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp

Divyansh Jaipuriyar

Student at NIT Jamshedpur.

Energetic and passionate college student, willing to learn new technologies and also seeking to apply my skills and knowledge to create a better world.Highly interested in programming and machine learning.

LinkedIn: jaipuriyardivyansh10

His submissions

Interview coding problems/challenges

  1. Wine selling problem | Find the maximum profit from sale of wines
  2. Check the consistency of the numbers (Trie Data Structure Question)
  3. Minimum Coin Change | Find minimum number of coins that make a given value
  4. Length of the largest subarray with equal number of 0s and 1s
  5. Egg Dropping Problem
  6. Probability of getting more number of heads than tails if coins are tossed
  7. Sum of two numbers represented by linked lists
  8. Minimum Path Sum
  9. Maximum path sum in a binary tree
  10. Stock Span Problem
  11. Redundant Bracket
  12. Rain Water Trapping Problem
  13. Postfix Expression Evaluation
  14. Largest rectangle area in a histogram
  15. Preorder to Postorder of BST
  16. Longest Prefix and Suffix
  17. Minimum Spanning Tree
  18. Book Allocation Problem (Allocate minimum number of pages)
  19. Check Mirror in N-ary Tree
  20. Fencing Problem
  21. Constructing the Array
  22. Partition to K Equal Sum Subsets
  23. Range Minimum Query
  24. Island Probability
  25. Activity Selection Problem
  26. Weighted Job Scheduling
  27. K-Palindromic String
  28. Find Total Ways to Reach Nth Stair from Bottom
  29. Mobile Keypad Problem
  30. Print all possible path from source to destination
  31. N-Queen Problem
  32. Print all subsequences of a string
  33. Floor and Ceil Value
  34. First and last occurrence of an element
  35. Matrix Probability
  36. Matrix Exponentiation
  37. Merge K Sorted Arrays
  38. Box Stacking Problem
  39. Maximization of Quadruple
  40. Path in Matrix
  41. Sort K-Sorted Array
  42. Find Minimum in Rotated Sorted Array
  43. Maximum Product Cutting
  44. Maximum Sum Increasing Subsequence
  45. Range Sum Queries
  46. Set Matrix Zeroes
  47. Largest Square Sub Matrix of 1's in Given Binary Matrix
  48. Count Total Possible Path with Given Sum
  49. Count Unique Path
  50. Perfect Sum Problem
  51. Subset Sum Problem
  52. Minimum Sum Partition
  53. GCD Queries - Greatest Common Divisor Problem
  54. PPATH - Prime Path Problem
  55. N Max Pair Combinations
  56. NAJPF - Pattern Find

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