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Name Sanjeev
Course B.Tech(CSE)
College KCC institute of technology and management, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
University Dr APJ abdul kalam technical university
Technical skills Python, Programing in Python ,tkinter python, C, C++

His submissions


  1. Python | Program to calculate n-th term of a Fibonacci Series
  2. Python program to calculate prime numbers (using different algorithms) upto n
  3. Python program for Binary Search
  4. List append() and insert() methods in Python
  5. Python program to calculate the number of all possible substrings of a string
  6. Python program to reverse a string using stack and reversed method


  1. C program to compare strings using strcmp() function
  2. Converting String into Set in C++ STL
  3. Range-based loop in C++ (similar to for-each loop)
  4. std::accumulate() function with example in C++ STL
  5. vector::swap() method with Example in C++ STL


  1. for-each (enhanced for loop) in Java

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