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Mansha Lamba

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Hey folks, I am a Tech Industry Enthusiast, passionate for solving ongoing social problems through technology.

My favourite pass time is to read books of different programming languages and to experiment with conventional coding techniques.

Mansha Lamba
Name Mansha Lamba
College HMR institute of technology and management (GGSIP University)
Course CSE 2016
Batch 2016-2020
Skills C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Android App Development, Web Development, problem solving approach learning enthusiast, good communication skills.
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Her submissions

C language

  1. C language - History, Popularity reasons, Characteristics, Basic structure etc
  2. Basics of C language
  3. Switch Statements (features, disadvantages and difference with if else)


  1. Basic Web Application Development using JavaScript
  2. Interactive Webpages / Event Handling in JavaScript
  3. Nested Event Handling in JavaScript (on mouse move event)
  4. Sorting Methods in JavaScript
  5. Image Recognition Game using JavaScript


  1. Introduction to Algorithms

Node JS

  1. Path Module in Node JS
  2. Export Import of files in Node JS
  3. Building Web Server using Node JS
  4. Developing a website using Node JS
  5. Anonymous function in Node JS


  1. Why is python so popular?


  1. A deep dive into Mongo Database

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