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Indrajeet Das

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Indrajeet Das

I'm Indrajeet Das, currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science from Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE).

I have good programming skills for C, C++ and Java and also an android developer.

Apart from that, I love to solve problems and puzzles and can spend hours on them. I enjoy reading books and play table tennis.

I believe that "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

His submissions

Data Structure, Competitive Questions

  1. Segment Trees | Data Structure
  2. Aggressive Cows (On Binary Search)
  3. Find Maximum Range of Query using Segment Trees
  4. Implement union and intersection of two sorted linked lists


  1. Sum of all the elements in an array divisible by a given number K
  2. Find the roots of quadratic equation in C++
  3. C++ program to find presence of a number X in the array recursively
  4. C++ program to find first occurrence of a Number Using Recursion in an array
  5. C++ program to find Last occurrence of a Number using Recursion in an array
  6. C++ program to obtain Multiplication recursively
  7. Pair Case: C++ program to enter '*' between two identical characters in a string
  8. Stair Case: C++ program to solve the staircase problem
  9. C++ program to convert a string of number to integer
  10. Append Last N Nodes to First in the Linked List using C++ program
  11. Eliminate duplicates from Linked List using C++ program
  12. Find a Node in Linked List using C++ program

Java programs

  1. Java program for Tower of Hanoi
  2. Java program for Binary Search Using Recursion

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