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Yash Khandelwal

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp

Name Yash Khandelwal
Course B.Tech(CSE)
College KCC institute of technology and management, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
University Dr APJ abdul kalam technical university
Technical skills Python, Programing in Python ,kivy python, C, C++
Yash Khandelwal

His submissions


  1. Sorting a dictionary in Ascending and Descending order by Key or Value in Python
  2. Difference between del, remove and pop functions of a list in Python
  3. Constructors with examples in Python
  4. Currying function with example in Python
  5. pow() function with example in Python
  6. Fast input / output for competitive programming in Python
  7. Sets in python
  8. Lambda Expression/function in python
  9. Python program to find N largest and smallest elements from the list
  10. Python String | endswith() method with example


  1. Different ways to access elements from a Vector in C++ STL
  2. C++ program to check if number is power of 2 using Bitwise operator
  3. std::count() function with example in C++ STL

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