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Hrithik Chandra Prasad

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp

Hrithik Chandra Prasad

I am a spirited programmer who is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Computer Application from Graphic Era Deemed to be University.

I want to be a full stack developer and working diligently to achieve those skills. I also love to write and read Technical articles and reading romantic novels.

You can easily find me at Momos stalls chilling with my friends and updating stories on Instagram.

His submissions

Ruby programming

  1. Ruby overview
  2. Ruby Syntax
  3. Variables in Ruby
  4. Classes in Ruby
  5. Objects in Ruby
  6. Ruby Comments
  7. Ruby Operators
  8. Conditional statements in Ruby
  9. Ruby Loops
  10. Ruby while loop with examples
  11. Ruby for loop with examples
  12. Ruby until loop with examples
  13. Ruby nested for loop with examples
  14. Ruby nested while loop with examples
  15. Ruby do...while loop with examples
  16. Ruby nested do...while loop with examples
  17. Ruby nested until loop with examples
  18. Ruby Arrays
  19. Ruby program to print Hello World!
  20. Ruby program to add two integer numbers
  21. Ruby program to find the area of the rectangle
  22. Ruby program to check whether the given number is prime or not
  23. Ruby program to find factorial of a given number
  24. Ruby program to find number of characters in a string (string length)
  25. Ruby program to reverse a string
  26. Ruby program to count the number of words in a string
  27. Ruby program to print an array as string
  28. Ruby program to check whether a variable is defined or not
  29. Ruby program to check whether the hash contains specified key or not
  30. Ruby program to convert the string into lowercase and uppercase
  31. Ruby program to generate random numbers
  32. Ruby program to check whether a string contains a substring or not
  33. Ruby program to print an array
  34. Ruby program to check whether an element exists in an array or not
  35. Ruby program to print Fibonacci series
  36. Ruby program to print power of a number
  37. chomp Method in Ruby
  38. Ruby constructors
  39. Ruby program to calculate the sum of all even numbers
  40. Ruby | How to initialise base class constructor with the help of derived class object?
  41. Ruby Inheritance
  42. Ruby Method Overriding
  43. Ruby program to calculate the sum of all odd numbers up to N
  44. Ruby program to count the number of digits in a number
  45. Ruby program to print multiplication table of a number
  46. Ruby Environment Setup | Installation of Ruby on Mac and Windows Operating System
  47. Ruby Gems | Ruby Tools
  48. Ruby Debugger | Ruby Tools
  49. Ruby assoc() function
  50. Ruby at() function
  51. Ruby clear() function
  52. Ruby pop() function
  53. Ruby push() function
  54. Ruby reverse function
  55. Ruby reverse! function
  56. Ruby break statement
  57. Ruby program to sort an array with command line arguments
  58. Ruby next statement
  59. Object oriented programming in Ruby
  60. Regular Expressions in Ruby
  61. CGI programming in Ruby
  62. Socket programming in Ruby
  63. Database access in Ruby
  64. Sending email using Ruby
  65. How to tell Ruby program to wait for some amount of time?
  66. Ruby alias vs alias_method
  67. String concatenation in Ruby
  68. How to concatenate strings using plus (+) operator in Ruby?
  69. concat() method in Ruby
  70. Ruby to_s method
  71. Ruby vs Python | Similarities and Dissimilarities
  72. Exception Handling in Ruby
  73. Modules in Ruby
  74. Ranges in Ruby
  75. Date and Time Classes in Ruby
  76. Threads in Ruby
  77. Multithreading in Ruby
  78. Hashes in Ruby
  79. Ruby Set
  80. Ruby Set Comparison
  81. Check the presence of an element in the set in Ruby
  82. Join all the elements of two sets in Ruby
  83. Find the common elements from two sets in Ruby
  84. Print the elements of a set in Ruby
  85. Find the difference between two sets in Ruby
  86. Find the length of a set in Ruby
  87. Merge two sets in Ruby
  88. redo and retry Statements in Ruby
  89. Check whether the set is empty or not in Ruby
  90. Delete and replace an element from the set in Ruby
  91. Ruby Set disjoint? Method with Example
  92. Ruby Set intersect? Method with Example
  93. Procs in Ruby
  94. Lambdas in Ruby

Theory of computation

  1. Pushdown Automaton (PDA) | Theory of Computation

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