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Ankit Rai

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Name Ankit Rai
Course B.Tech(CSE)
College Graphic Era University
University Graphic Era University
Technical skills Languages (Java, C programming), script (Python)
Fields of interest Machine Learning, web development

His submissions


  1. Drawing flag of Thailand | Image processing in Python
  2. Drawing of flag Sweden | Image processing in Python
  3. Coloured image to grayscale using OpenCV in Python
  4. Find complementary image of the RGB image in Python
  5. Show different planes of an RGB image in Python
  6. Resize a grayscale image without using any inbuilt functions in Python
  7. Convert an RGB format Image in an HSV format Image using OpenCV in Python
  8. Resize an RGB image without using any inbuilt functions in Python
  9. Rotate a grayscale image by 180 degree without using any inbuilt function in Python
  10. Smoothen a grayscale image by performing blurring operation using user defined median blur filter
  11. Smoothen the image by performing blurring operation on a grayscale image using user defined mean blur filter in Python
  12. Python default parameter
  13. Upscaling the grayscale image in Python
  14. Upscaling the RGB image in Python
  15. Python Regex | program to Remove leading zeros from an IP address
  16. Python program for Zip, Zap and Zoom game
  17. Python program to convert temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice-versa
  18. Drawing flag of Japan| Image processing in Python
  19. Read an image and save it as grayscale system using OpenCV python module
  20. Python program to find the number of required bits to represent a number in O(1) complexity
  21. Python program to count number of trailing zeros in Factorial of number N

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