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Saksham Bhayana

Technical Content Writer @ IncludeHelp

I am Saksham Bhayana, currently pursuing BTech in computer science from Delhi Technological University.

I am a passionate learner, driven by curiosity, creativity and results. I have good programming skills in C, C++ , Python . I am also a front end web developer.

Saksham Bhayana

His submissions


  1. C++ program to find number of BSTs with N nodes (Catalan numbers)
  2. C++ program to find Unique Number using Bit Masking
  3. C++ program to toggle Kth bit of a number
  4. C++ program to clear Kth bit of a number
  5. C++ program to isolate rightmost zero bit of a number
  6. C++ program to isolate rightmost one bit of a number

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