Myths and Realities of Software

In this tutorial, we will learn about various myths that are popular among people regarding software in software engineering. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 04, 2023

Here are the myths and realities of the software:

Myths Realities
If the standards of the developing company are good and the procedures of development are clear, then the software produced will run smoothly without any complications. The complications that may occur in the software does not depend upon the company’s standards or the development procedures. So, whether the software that will be produced will execute smoothly or not can be estimated by these factors.
If the company has all the latest computers, expert quality tools and high-grade infrastructure for the developers, then the quality of the software produced by the company will also be great. It is not true because the quality of the software depends moreover on its developers and the techniques and logic used to build it. Although the infrastructure and quality of computers and tools is a factor on which the quality of the software depends, it cannot be completely determined by these factors.
Assigning more expert developers and software specialists to the project will help in the early completion of the project and meeting the deadline of the project. It is a complete myth. Unfortunately, it will result in the further delay in completion of the project because it will take time for the new developers to understand the project and to evaluate the project up to the current stage.
After completing the software, If we require some changes in software, we can easily make them. Making changes in an existing software is not an easy task. Because so many things are related to and are dependent upon so many other things. So, if you try to make changes to some part of the software also, you will need to handle all those dependencies and relations that are affected.
Computers are always more reliable than the devices they replace. It is true in many cases. However the same is a myth if considered for every case. This is because it is seen in many situations that replacing software in place of other devices result to be completely useless, which is, therefore, the wastage of both- time and money.
Software with more features is better software. It is a complete myth. Efficient and useful features in the software make it better from others.
Once the software is created, the job is completed. This is the biggest myth of all. Software always requires maintenance throughout its lifetime until it gets retired.

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