Software Characteristics

In this tutorial, we will learn about the various software characteristics in software engineering. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 04, 2023

What are Software Characteristics?

As we know that software is any computer program which can also be defined as a set of instructions which are responsible for guiding the computer to perform certain tasks.

Top 8 Software Characteristics

The following are the top 8 characteristics of software:

  1. Software does not wear out
  2. Software is not manufacture
  3. Usability of Software
  4. Reusability of components
  5. Flexibility of software
  6. Maintainability of software
  7. Portability of software
  8. Reliability of Software

1) Software does not wear out

Different things like clothes, shoes, ornaments do wear out after some time. But, software once created never wears out. It can be used for as long as needed and in case of need for any updating, required changes can be made in the same software and then it can be used further with updated features.

2) Software is not manufactured

Software is not manufactured but is developed. So, it does not require any raw material for its development.

3) Usability of Software

The usability of the software is the simplicity of the software in terms of the user. The easier the software is to use for the user, the more is the usability of the software as more number of people will now be able to use it and also due to the ease will use it more willingly.

4) Reusability of components

As the software never wears out, neither do its components, i.e. code segments. So, if any particular segment of code is required in some other software, we can reuse the existing code form the software in which it is already present. This reduced our work and also saves time and money.

5) Flexibility of software

A software is flexible. What this means is that we can make necessary changes in our software in the future according to the need of that time and then can use the same software then also.

6) Maintainability of software

Every software is maintainable. This means that if any errors or bugs appear in the software, then they can be fixed.

7) Portability of software

Portability of the software means that we can transfer our software from one platform to another that too with ease. Due to this, the sharing of the software among the developers and other members can be done flexibly.

8) Reliability of Software

This is the ability of the software to provide the desired functionalities under every condition. This means that our software should work properly in each condition.

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