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In this tutorial, we will learn about the approaches of MIS development with suitable diagram. By IncludeHelp Last updated : June 01, 2023

MIS development is a strategic process of developing an informative information system for a company. To do this, many experts from different levels of a system sit together and investigates and examine a feasible approach to MIS development. An approach is a method of developing a system in such a way so that it can be designed as per system needs and meet all the system objectives.

MIS (Management Information System) is an important source of information for an organization. An approach of MIS development offers some significant facts for the organizations that influence each approach. MIS approaches to distinguish between each other; organizations are using an appropriate MIS development approach as per their need. 

There are 3 different types of MIS –

  1. Top-down approach
  2. Bottom-up approach
  3. Integrative approach

1) Top-down Approach

In this method, the entire system is partitioned into a hierarchy of subsystems. The overall system is divided into a number of subsystems, which are then divided into a number of other subsystems in a top-down approach.

Approaches of MIS Development (1)

Fig: Key activities involves in Top-down approach

A behavioral classification is used in the top-down approach of MIS development. This approach also defines the strategic and tactical decisions and the necessary decisions to operate the various key activities of MIS development. Many of them, strategies, goals, and plans are recognized by top management executives and conveyed to the administrative management levels.

The key objectives of the systems are established and ways to achieve them are decided in top-down design. They're gradually pushed down the organizational hierarchy to be created and defined well.

2) Bottom-up Approach

As its name implies, this approach mainly starts with the leaf-level or bottom-most management and proceeds progressively to the upper management levels. After recognizing the primary transactions, the needed file requirements and information processing programs are developed for each lifestream system which is then moved towards data integration that is stored in different files of the information system. A bottom-up approach is functional to identify the various factors and understand the difficult situations and formulate strategies to deal with them.

Approaches of MIS Development (2)

Fig: Key activities involves in Top-down approach

3) Integrative Approach

In the integrative approach subsystems of a system are integrated with each other in such a way so that the objective of the system can be fulfilled.

Approaches of MIS Development (3)

Fig: Key activities involves in integrative approach

An integrative approach of a system development may consist of followings -

  • Design a system that can be achieving the major objectives of the system using its subsystems.
  • Designing a system that combines the various functions performed by its subsystems.
  • Designing a system that is not very clear to the user but is concealed under the previously existing subsystems.

Managers at all levels can control the design using an integrated approach. Top management determines the structure and design of MIS that is appropriate for the business.

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