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Strategic Information Systems (SIS) and It's Features in MIS

MIS | Strategic Information Systems: In this article, we will learn about the Strategic Information Systems (SIS) and it's features in Management System Information. By IncludeHelp Last updated : June 01, 2023

What is Strategic Information Systems (SIS)?

The majority of information systems are regarded as business support operations. For improved performance, control, and effectiveness, they mechanize processes, but they do not, in themselves, improve corporate profitability. They are simply used to provide ample accurate information to management to keep the organization running smoothly, and they are used for research to prepare new directions.

On the other hand, strategic information systems are becoming an important and essential part of the organization and have a significant effect on market share, profits, and all other facets of market profitability. New products, new markets, and new ways of doing business may also be brought in. They have a direct effect on the organization's competitive position, giving it an edge over rivals.

To push the company to meet its business needs and business objectives, a good organization would have adequate SIS. To that end, SIS is structured to ensure that all activities support the strategic strategy of the company and at the same time comply with its business needs and business objectives. SIS can also be used to forecast the future of the enterprise. Inside the SIS, companies can avoid the challenges they expect in long-term planning.

Using SIS, organizational objectives are evaluated by identifying precisely what the company wishes to achieve the objectives. After the organizational objectives have been analyzed, the crucial performance factor will be measured so that the organizational priorities and objectives will be influenced in the long term. Important success factor is the aspect that the company should recognize and must work to succeed in the business environment. And eventually, define the problem areas that are the vulnerabilities that already exist in the company.

Features of the Strategic Information Systems

  • SIS requires the production of goods, services, and skills using information technology that gives organization strategic advantages over the competitive forces.
  • It is a method of defining a computer-based application portfolio that will assist a company in achieving the business plan.
  • It is decision support systems that allow the development of a strategic approach to aligning information systems (IS) with the business objectives of an organization.
  • Mainly Enterprise resource planning strategies that incorporate business processes to achieve the goals of the enterprise to maximize enterprise resources.
  • It will enable organizations to prevent scarce resources from being misused.
  • It has the capabilities of data analysis to make the best use of corporate knowledge available for marketing, development, promotion and innovation.
  • The SIS systems also promote the detection of techniques for data collection to better maximize marketing opportunities for databases.
  • Real-time information systems that seek to sustain a rapid response and measures of quality.
  • It increases the competitive advantage of the organization or changes the nature of the market by radically changing how business is done.
  • There are traditional systems of knowledge used in creative ways.
  • Organizational objectives are analyzed by identifying precisely what the company hopes to achieve the objectives.

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