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Decision Support System (DSS) in MIS

MIS | Decision Support System (DSS): In this tutorial, we will learn about the decision support system (DSS) in Management Information Systems with its characteristics, model, etc. By IncludeHelp Last updated : June 01, 2023

The Decision Support System is always helpful to management people to take decisions/decisions and finds the key business insights from available information systems.

This article describes the Decision Support System (DSS) and its model.

What is Decision Support System (DSS) in MIS?

A Decision Support System (DSS) is an application for information systems that helps to make decisions. DSS is widely used in the planning, analysis and search for solutions for errors. A database, model base & applications are the components of the decision support system. Production, finance, and marketing are the main areas of operation of DSS.

Decision Support System (DSS) Characteristics

DSS always support to,

  1. Various decision-making mechanisms and types.
  2. Effective design and implementation support.
  3. Semi-structured and unstructured decision-makers.
  4. Assist at all-level to management.
  5. Individual and group assistance.

Decision Support System (DSS) Model

Depending on the information processing, DSS can be distinguished from MIS. DSS collects information to support a manager's decision-making process. User's store and access data using the user interface to translate it into information, MIS processes data.


1. User Interface

User interfaces are the points of access in which users interact with designs. The user interface is the process of creating interfaces with a focus on looks or style in software or computer devices. Designers aim to create user-friendly, user-friendly projects. UI design typically refers to graphical user interfaces but also involves other interfaces such as voice-controlled interfaces.

2. Middleware Model

A decision support system may compromise various models where a particular function is performed by each model. The choice of models to be included in a family of decision support systems depends on consumer specifications and DSS purposes. Remember that the DSS program provides the predefined models (or routines) that can be used to build new models to support specific decision styles.

3. Database

Database is just like a container that stores data in a systematic manner. Databases support users to store and manipulation of data whenever required.

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