Limitations of MIS

Limitations are some inflows of a system. Every system has some limitations and MIS is also having these. In this tutorial, we will have a look on some limitations associated with MIS. By IncludeHelp Last updated : June 01, 2023

A Management Information System (MIS) is a valuable tool company management uses to gauge the effectiveness of their business operations. The management information system (MIS) can provide comprehensive insight into certain facets of an organization and assist management in making important business decisions. Although the MIS's style and format have evolved over time, its use in management decisions has increased dramatically.

Limitations of MIS

The followings are the some highlighted,

  1. In decision-making, MIS cannot take the place of managerial decisions. It is merely a valuable method for top-level executives in making decisions and solving problems.
  2. MIS can be considered mainly for quantitative factors.
  3. Qualitative decisions about the business activities can be made using MIS. An MIS does have limitations, like its developing cost, employee training time, lack of versatility, and the storage of incorrect or incomplete data.
  4. For businesses looking to improve their operations management, MIS implementation may be prohibitively costly.
  5. The output quality of MIS is directly proportional to the input and process quality.
  6. Only those employees who have been educated and well trained are able to work on MIS, hence the employees who are not educated cannot work with MIS.
  7. Non-programmed decisions are less useful for MIS.
  8. Depending on the MIS style and functionality, making improvements quickly to represent changing business operations can be impossible.
  9. The most serious fault in an MIS is when sometimes in few instances, it provides inaccurate or incomplete information to the management executives. This issue causes heavy costs to the company and sometimes wrong decisions can be carried out due to this MIS treated as knowledge flaws.
  10. MIS is less effective to those organizations, where information is not important and not sharing with others.

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