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Java vs JavaScript | Differences and Popularities

Java Vs. JavaScript: In this tutorial, we will learn about the differences and popularities of Java and JavaScript. By Siddhant Verma Last updated : July 29, 2023

Java vs JS

As of 2019, both Java and JavaScript are very powerful and are dominating in their respective domains. Although they are indeed incomparable in terms of their applications, we'll try to draw a very logical and unbiased comparison between the two. We'll look at what they both do, how they're both similar and how they're not.

Java Versus JavaScript: What they aren't?

Java vs JS

First things first, they aren't the same. JavaScript is not a subset or variation of Java. Though it is natural for such confusion to arise tech people or newbie programmers should be well aware that both are completely different, with absolutely no relation to each other except for the general syntax which is mostly similar in all modern languages. The name subset in both is merely a historic coincidence. Brendan Eich of Netscape, the Legend who created this Legendary language JavaScript casually called it LiveScript. This was around in 1990. This was indeed a breakthrough for programmers as it was purely evaluated on run time and one could use it to directly interact with browsers. However, around the same time, Java was getting immensely popular. So they decided to call it JavaScript so that people pay some heed to JS while being in the misconception that it is an up-gradation of Java.

Java Versus JavaScript: Popularity

Java vs JS

The above graph shows us a clear comparison in terms of the popularity of languages in 2019. JavaScript is the most popular language as of today. Its usage has grown immensely and it's being used for almost everything today. However, the popularity of JavaScript should not be reasoned out for its superiority over Java.

Java Versus JavaScript: Performance

Java vs JS

Java is a compile-time language and therefore needs a compiler, unlike Js which is executed at run time. You need a virtual machine to execute your Java code whereas in Js you only need your browser. However, a technical comparison shows that Java defeats JavaScript in terms of performance.

In addition to this, only recently JavaScript has got Object-Oriented Programming directly attached to it. Before that, developers and programmers would have to manipulate JavaScript to make it work like an Object-Oriented Programming Language. Java, on the other hand, was born for OOPS much like C++.

Java Versus JavaScript: Uses

Java is used for server-side development and native applications for Android. JavaScript is used for front-end web development, creating animations on the web and now also for server-side development using NodeJS.

Any student new to the programming arena will be intrigued by what they're both capable of achieving. However, it is purely a personal choice as to which language will be the best for anyone.

Java Versus JavaScript: Verdict

I'd say JavaScript is clear winner, but then I promised I wouldn't be biased.

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